The Descendants of
Jehan Dardel the miller

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Home Card : Jehan Dardel

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The Family Tree: the Descendants of Jehan Dardel
(Presented by François de Dardel)

These pages have been gernerated automatically by a genealogy databank.

The data were initially compiled from various sources, but today the main contributor is Dr. Jean-Paul Dardel of Hendaye. If you have not yet purchased the book he has published, you should get it: it contains innumerable details and documents on our family. (see page "Famille Dardel").

Because the software used for the database is in English, most of the text you will see is English. However, I filled the database in French, so the fields "Occupation" and "Education", when available, will be in French.

Let me know what you think of this simplified genealogy database.
More importantly even, send me comments regarding possible mistakes, or additions. The complete database is available in GED format (a specific genealogy database format, requiring genealogy software) for those interested. It contains a few more details, notes for several of the listed persons, and includes presently 4200 entries vs 1300 at the time of our first family reunion in 1995. It goes back to Jehan Dardel, in the 15th Century.

You can navigate these pages quite simply:
Clicking on "Surnames" will bring a list of all family names present in the database. Clicking on one family name will bring the "Index" of that family, with all persons included in the database, sorted by given name. Catution: there are many homonyms (persons with the same name).

Convention for given names :

by default, the first given name is assumed to be the usual one. The order of the given names is in principle the order under which the child was registered at birth. In cases where the usual name is not the first one, it is indicated with an asterisk (e.g.: Marc Amiod*).

Tips for searching the database :

  • In the index, you can use the "search" or "find" function of your browser (Netscape ou I.E.).
  • Because of the many Dardel homonyms, it is often easier to start the search with the name of the allied family.

    Clicking on one of these given names will bring a family card with details of that person and his or her spouse, including their parents and children. From there, you can navigate the entire database.
    The "Home Card" is that of Jehan le meunier.

    Caution : I have selected the French version of this Table of Contents as the "Pivot" for the web database. Therefore, whenever you click the "Contents" link, you will be brought back to the page in French. Sorry, I can't help it because the entire set of pages, except the present one, was created by my software, and I had to make a choice for the contents. I thought it was more logical to use the French one.

  • Updates
    The data presented here contain many gaps and very probably a number of errors. We encourage you heartily to convey all corrections and additions to us. See the separate recommended modus operandi (in French, English and German).

    Specifically, we would like to have:

  • Complete given names (to help you locate familiar persons in the jungle of homonyms)
  • Birth and death dates and places
  • Occupation

  • Abbreviations
    Each card represents a family, and contains the following information:

    m. Marriage date and place
    div. Divorced
    b. Birth date and place
    d. Death date and place
    cod. Cause of death
    occ. Occupation
    edu. Education

    Several of the fields are left blank, because we didn't have the information. Please send us any additions or corrections.

    You can send an e-mail to:
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    Updated on 31 May 2004 by François de Dardel using Reunion software, from Leister Productions, Inc. on the Macintosh