The Complete Sandy Bull Catalog

Remembering Sandy Bull


Tin House

Winter 2002 Volume 3

“Before there was “world music” or “fusion” there was Sandy Bull” ~ “Bull was established as the ultimate eclecticist, whose albums combined a wild assortment of genres and traditions, from Chuck Berry to Bach, from fourteenth-century ballades to salsa and samba to Indian, African and Middle Eastern music. His instruments included oud, sarod, six-string bass, pedal steel, drums, guitar and banjo.”

TEC Awards

December 1st, 2001

“The producers dedicate the 17th Annual TEC Awards to the memory of Sandy Bull, who passed away in April of this year.

A musical prodigy and gifted multi-instrumentalist, Sandy was a pioneer of what has come to be known as World Music. On his early 60’s Vanguard albums, he played Indian ragas on guitar, classical pieces on a banjo and bossa nova on the oud.”

Mojo Magazine

September 2001

“Patti Smith wrote of a Bull gig, “I was just amazed…[he] knocked me out”, while Steve Winwood said Traffic “wanted to blend music from all over the world. Sandy Bull was a great influence.”

Nashville Scene

April 19, 2001

“Bull said that he preferred to focus on the similarities rather than the differences between various kinds of music, noting that the modal mountain music he had learned on banjo reminded him of Afghani and Indian music and even Scottish bag pipe music.”

“These qualities lent an idiosyncratic edge to all of Bull’s recordings, winning him praise from fans as far-reaching as Van Morrison, Steve Winwood, Brian Jones, and Patti Smith.”

New York Times

Saturday, April 14, 2001

“Sandy Bull came out of the folk revival of the 1950’s and early 60’s. But while many of his contemporaries were trying to recreate back woods American styles, Mr. Bull turned his ear to the wider world. During his career he performed not only on acoustic and electric guitars, but also on electric bass, piano, banjo, oud, sarod and pedal steel guitar. His instincts, and his fondness for the drone at the basis of many music styles, led him to what would later be called fusion or world music.”

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Jukebox School of Music (1988) $16.00


Vehicles(1991) $16.00


Steel Tears (1996) $16.00


Re-inventions (From 1962, '64, and '71 Vanguard Masters) $16.00

E Pluribus Unum(From 1968 Vanguard Master) $16.00

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Vanguard Recordshas just released it's retrospective collection of Sandy Bull's
ground-breaking instrumental recordings which place his work in the "vanguard"
of the eclectic / world music / fusion catagories. Drawn from three of his four LPs
recorded for that label between 1962 and 1972, five of the eight
selections have never been available on CD. Read what
epulse wrote in it's
"Compilation of the Week" review of "Sandy Bull:RE-INVENTIONS"
...some listeners' comments...or what they're saying in Cincinnati.

Timeless Recording Society is happy to announce Sandy Bull's 1968 Vanguard recording
"E Pluribus Unum" is now available at the above address. For more info on this
world/vibrato/twang classic featuring "Electric Blend" and "No Deposit, No Return Blues,"
Click on the CD cover above.

T.R.S. will be releasing a CD/DVD-Audio of recent instrumentals by Sandy Bull sometime in 2001.
The first tune, "Connection in D Minor Seventh" (for salsa piano,
Fender vibrato guitar, oud, sarod, and tabla), is finished. 14 minutes long, it features guests
Nashville drummer Harry Stinson, and Tito Puente Orchestra regulars, John Rodriguez on scraper,
and Jose Madera on congas. The remainder of this, as yet untitled, project are solo
improvisations on the instruments listed above in parenthesis.
Click on this link
to read a recent article Sandy wrote for the web 'zine "LOUD! Digital Pro Sound,"
describing the digital mastering process now in progress....

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