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Nomadik™ Multimedia Processor
Key Features

Key Features

Video smart accelerator, real-time encode or decode up to VGA at 30fps, video-conference up to CIF at 30fps
Audio smart accelerator C-programmed, multimedia VLIW DSP, comprehensive ST audio library
350MHz ARM926EJ™ RISC CPU, Thumb™, Java bytecode
On-chip SRAM and ROM with secured access
CMOS sensor (camera) interface
Color LCD controller STN/TFT panels, display module I/F
Multi-port memory controller, 133MHz DDR SDRAM/SDRAM, 133MHz Flash (NAND and NOR)
USB OTG + multiple communication ports
MMC/SD/MS card interface
User-programmable GPIOs
Most popular operating systems
Designed for compliance with MIPI™ software and hardware peripheral interfaces

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