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Imazine Issues

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Imazine 38

[Released late 2002] Review of Exalted. Searching for 'The Other' in games, and letters. (815K)

Imazine 37

[Released early 2002] Reviews of Everway, Dying Earth, Hero Wars, Chivalry & Sorcery and The Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Abstraction in role-playing games, a plea for open worlds, languages in games, art in RPGs and lots of letters. (1.6M)

Imazine 36

[Released summer 2000] Reviews of Puppetland, Powerkill, Dragonfist, Bloode Island, Orbit, Raining Hammers and Two-Fisted Tales. Structuring role-playing games, a 1-page Players & Pints rolegame, and the usual swath of letters. (700K)

Imazine 35

[Released autumn 1999] Reviews of Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographical Society, Imagine, Senkogu and Impro. Making use of art theory to enhance gaming, an ideal set of rules, and loads of letters. (571K)

Imazine 34

[Released summer 1999] Reviews of Swords of the Middle Kingdom, GURPS Traveller, Visions and encounters. RPGs: Art or what? Character generation, a different way to write rules, and loads of letters. (451K)

Imazine 33

[Released spring 1999] Reviews of Over The Edge, Sorcerer, Tribe 8 and A Magical Mayhem. Why the obsession with magic in games? How can we get rid of the referee? A 1-page RPG, and letters. (593K)

Imazine 32

[Released spring 1999] Reviews of Thrash, Dark Realms and fanzines. 'Winning' in rolegames, how to run a game in a detailed world without going nuts, inns in rolegames, and letters. (586K)

Imazine 31

[Released winter 1998] Reviews of Baron Munchausen, SLA Industries, Star Trek RPG, Chameleon, Alternity and Paradigm. More on game write-ups, 'The Pyramid of Skulls' scenario for Outlaws, and plenty of letters. (650K)

Imazine 30

[Released summer 1998] Reviews of Delta Green, FUDGE, Forgotten Futures, Shadow Bindings and fanzines. Game write-ups, a weird take on role-playing, and plenty of letters. (383K)

Imazine 29

[Released spring 1998] Reviews of Fading Suns and fanzines. Games as social commentary, the art of refereeing, and notes on running rolegames set in China. Plus letters (388K)

Imazine 28

[Released autumn 1997] Reviews of Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah, Feng Shui, Legend of the Five Rings, Alternate Realities and Pendragon 4th Ed. Using Pendragon's Traits and Passions system in Tekumel, how to present background in rolegames, and letters. (693K)

Imazine 27

[Released spring 1997] Reviews of Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd edition, Gardasiyal and STOCS Lite. How to handle honour and social relationships in rolegames, Magic in Outlaws, and letters. (734K)

Imazine 26

[Released autumn 1996] Reviews of Cathay Arts of Roleplay, a few words about Feng Shui, arcane magazine and IMNOT, yet more discussion of computer game futures, motivations in Outlaws of the Water Margin, and letters. (463K)

Imazine 25

[Released spring 1996] Reviews of fanzines, arcane magazine and Japanese rolegames, more discussion of computer game futures, a lot about personality and status in games, yet more Water Margin, and letters. (462K)

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