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     Welcome to Cool Brick Movies, the #1 Resource for Animation with LEGO Bricks. At this website, you will find tutorials, articles, the latest news from the community, and most importantly the films themselves. Be sure to sign up for a free Cool Brick Movies membership, which you will find on the top of every page on the website. Are you new to the world of LEGO animation, or don't know what it is? Get started here.
       -Seth Rotkin, BrickMaster

2004-11-22 PE-robukka Films
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
PE-robukka studios has listed a whole series of films. Check them out here.

2004-11-22 NWBrickCon
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
Congratulations to Go! Le Go! for their winning film at the NWBrickCon 2004 Mystery Contest. Pictures of the trophies and prizes are soon to come.

2004-09-07 Mystery Contest
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
The mystery contest has begun! Check out theofficial rules page for more info. Good luck to all the entrants!

2004-07-25 Another Milestone
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
CBM has just hit 50,000 unique, and 70,000 total, hits this week! I am very excited about this, and I am planning on making some major updates to the website. Visit in the next few days and weeks for some new material on the website!

2004-06-24 The Beastie Boys!
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
A content producer for the Beastie Boys' upcoming tour is interested in clips from LEGO movies that relate to the Beastie Boys' music. These will potentially be shown on screen during the tour! I will be compiling these clips (please make them between 5 seconds and one minute) and sending them to the content producer. If your clip is chosen, it will be shown at the event. Please e-mail all clips (with your name and a link to the film) to

2004-05-07 A little better... all the time.
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
Two great pieces of news for Cool Brick Movies today. First, I was informed that now allows movie files again! So many links that were broken are now fixed. Secondly, I found a problem that made it appear as if logging into the Control Panel logged you out, and this was fixed too!

2004-04-12 Database Restored
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
Finally, the CBM movies table has been restored! I now shall make the changes to the film code that I was originally fixing that should clear up any issues when searching for films in the database.

2004-04-04 Database Problems
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
The CBM Movie Database was deleted today. I will get a log of it ASAP and post it, but no movies for now.

2004-02-10 New Article
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
Finally, I've written up and compiled the NWBrickCon 2003 photos into one article! Check it out here

2004-01-24 Broken Links
Posted By Cool Brick Movies
I've been receiving some e-mail recently about some broken links when I thought I had fixed, so I checked and they were broken!

I've fixed the Contact link temporarily and uploaded the Getting Started article.

Mystery Contest

Cool Brick Movies is hosting the animation contest once again at NWBrickcon this year, and the theme is Mystery. Check out the rules here