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a personal airbag that protects elderly people if and when falling

I got the idea when i was watching the news. the poor condition of public facilities like streets and pedestrian areas are a major cause for health expenses. especially with elderly people who quite often break a bone or hip when falling in the streets. to prevent these serious injuries the suggestion was made to urge city administrations to renovate their streets.

I thought this crazy and not effective at all. if they listened, if they had the funds, it would still take years for the repairs to come through.

why not protect the elderly people itself? how to prevent injuries if and when they fall was my question. Since the falling itself could not be helped, nor by repairing the streets, nor by aiding the elderly.

the airbag is an instrument solely fitted to cars. however shortly it's being used on motorcycles as well. that's where i thought why is this box of thought limited to motorvehicles? why not give these people a so called personal airbag?

It will inflate when falling beyond a certain angle, with a certain speed and within a certain distance to the ground. There is no need for a big energy facility, since the expanding gaz will generate it's own energy. It can be a small package, even concealed within a coat.

of course numerous things must be thought over (that's why it's the halfbakery right?). such as: how to prevent inflation when just bending or purposely sitting down. what sensors must be invented or combined for the proper effect? what embedded software to be written? how to prevent other injuries, f.i. falling right next to the airbag, or rolling of it? who to approach in the industry to get this going?

et cetera.

duind001, Feb 11 2001

       "Help! I've fallen and turned into the Michelin Man!"

StarChaser, Feb 11 2001

       If you could encase the elderly in a bowling pin-shaped form weighted at the bottom, they could simply fall as much as they liked and always bounce back to the upright before contact with the ground. Or gyrostabilize them and provide a gravol IV feed for dizziness-induced nausea.

Monkfish, Feb 11 2001

       Or a rocket powered belt.

neelandan, Nov 05 2001

       I've seen this in a James bond movie.

duroncrush, Dec 23 2003

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