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Loughborough Constituency

The Loughborough Constituency

Charnwood Map

Loughborough, which lies in the heart of the Charnwood area of Leicestershire, is the centre of the Loughborough constituency.

However, it only part of the story as the constituency also contains the town of Shepshed, and the large villages of Barrow, Hathern, Sileby and Quorn as well as the remaining smaller villages in the Wolds. It has a voting population of just over 70,000, up to 15,000 of whom are connected with Loughborough University in some way.

As a local MP I take a great deal of interest in every aspect of life in the constituency. I grew up in the area, and intend to stay here for the rest of my life, so I am passionate about getting the best deal for my own home community.

If you wish to know a little more about the area it may be useful to start by taking a look at the sites below.

Local Issues

Over the last 6 years I have been involved in literally hundreds of local issues in every corner of the constituency.

The Loughborough constituency is a microcosm of the whole country. As you will have seen from above we are a traditional engineering town, with textiles, now suuplemented by a high tech, sporting university and Research and development. We have the two poorest wards outside the City of Leicester in the County next to two of the richest. We have urban problems like many inner cities, idylic rural areas and the problems facing farmers. We have a significant minority ethnic population, a youngish constituency with above average home ownership and 15,000 students.

So every time there is a national issue, the constituency always seems to have a local angle. This means I seem to be involved in everything!

However, there are also many very specific local issues where I have met residents and joined their campaigns. Issues like Caves Field, the Rookery Footpath, speeding traffic, and major developments. These are all issues where I have been approached and helped constituents.