Moonlight, Dragons & Phoenixes

A set of game write-ups using the Outlaws rules.

Outlaws and Moonlight

The first story is based directly on the 'Pyramid of Skulls' scenario. It's set in the district down of Jinfang, in west Jingdong circuit not all that far from Liangshan Po.

Outlaws and Sleeping Dragons

The second story is also set in Jinfang, but narrated by Teng Ai, the loyal bodyguard of Zhao Yu. It follows up some of the events of the first story.

Outlaws and Fledgling Phoenixes

The third story follows Zhao Yu's caravan up to the Northern Capital. No artwork, I'm afraid as I didn't have time to place it.

The story did continue after this, and many of the events only hinted at in these write-ups did have some kind of resolution. Unfortunately I never got round to writing them up and it's now too late for me to remember. But then, with role-playing, the story never really ends, does it?

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