I like IF.

Far more knowledgeable people than me have written a lot about IF and what it is and why it's so cool. Maybe one day I'll put some links to stuff they've written here. For now, this is just my justification for making this page so unfriendly to the IF newbie.

In any case, here's a list of the games I've written, currently in reverse chronological order of last release:

Fish And Spaceships

sp18.z5, 33kb (zipped)

An entry in one of my own SpeedIFs, SpeedIF 18. I think I got a little carried away with silliness in some parts. Bonus points to anyone who finds the fish.


pf.z5, 33kb (zipped, original SpeedIF entry)
pf2.z5, 34kb (zipped, remastered edition)

Apparently the only entry for Duncan "BoingBall" Cross' SpeedIF SchmeedIF. One of my better SpeedIFs, if you ask me.

Triumphant Return Of The Evil Sea Grape

grape.z5, 53kb

My entry in BoingBall's SpeedIF Without Number. Written in a just over one hour.

Tragedy Strikes At The XYZZY Awards

xyzzy2.z5, 51kb

The fastest SpeedIF I've ever done, for Admiral Jota's SpeedIF XYZZY. After I wasted most of the alloted two hours on a far too ambitious idea, this was written in a total of 27 minutes.

"Ultra-short, but a high fun density." -- Admiral Jota

Catch That Haggis!

Or, Working Around The Restrictions

haggis.ulx, 111kb

My entry in Graeme Porter's ill-fated HighlandComp, which won second place. Out of three, but still. Started off as something of a joke, but grew into, well, still a joke, but a much more fully-fledged one. Due credit goes to Mona Wuerz for her excellent betatesting.

Destiny Of The Chihuahua

destiny.z5, 55kb

For Jota's SpeedIF 2001.

The Blair Bee Project

bbp.z5, 54kb

My humble submission to Gunther Schmidl's black-and-orange themed Hallowe'en SpeedIF 14.

Are You A Chef?

ayac.z5, 67kb

Um ... something. Playing You Are A Chef! while on an IF authorship low can give you strange inspirations. This certainly won't make any sense if you've never visited ifMUD or if you've never played Dan "inky" Shiovitz's excellent You Are A Chef!, and probably won't even then. Also, ifMUDders, those of you who are annoyed at not making an appearance here, I generated the list randomly just so as to stop folks like you from complaining. I bet it won't, though.

Revenge Of The Mutant Spiders

spiders.z5, 54kb

This is only here for the sake of completeness: I don't like it much, myself. My first SpeedIF game, for David "Jarb" Cornelson's segmented SpeedIF 11.

At The Bottom Of The Garden

garden.z5, 61kb

The first game I ever released, for Jarb's DragonComp. I'm fairly pleased with it as a first attempt, although I wish there were more to it.

Anyway, it got reviewed in SPAG.

Well, that's that. Maybe one day I'll get around to releasing a proper game or something.