Ragan Fox

Ragan Fox

2000 Team Member
2001 Team Memeber
2002 Team Member

Hear this poet:
   To Be Straight - Ragan Fox
   Heterophobia - Ragan Fox
   If I Were A Woman - Ragan Fox
   David Cartwright - Ragan Fox

Your Name: Ragan Fox

Your Nickname: BOYGINA/Foxina Brown/Foxy Trouble/That Queer Poet

Born (place and year): Houston/1976

Day Job: Ex-Waiter (still recovering)/Graduate Student/Writer/Actor

Formative Childhood Experience: Pumping WILD TURKEY from a RAVE pump hairspray bottle into my mouth in between classes. I was very cutting edge in Jr. High. Labay Jr. High---> fightin' Eagle! The school colors were actually baby blue and red...ugh!

Your Interests include: Yelling at my father, traveling with my mother, and having sex with guys who are fun to write poems about.

Last Book Read: Girl, Interrupted by S. Kaysen

Ambition: To be a famous. To forgive my father. To be able to spend more than one day with my mother without going crazy. To move people with my poetry. To screw a straight guy. To finish graduate school... almost there.

Recent Accomplishment: Reciting an ENTIRE poem at a slam with a collapsed lung... I'm not even joking.

Prized Possessions: My nose hair clipper (I'm not even joking) and my computer.

When you started Slamming: January of 1999- I think.

One-sentence description of your Slam style: Some poems are like Jack Kerouac writes an episode of HBO's Sex and the City - Others are in your face - make you understand what it's like to be in this HOMO BODY pieces of political rant. SHIT! That was two sentences- now three sentences- I can't win!

Influences (poetic and otherwise): Fiona Apple, vodka, and Sherri-D Wilson.

Favorite Slam Poet: I don't have a favorite poet - I like poems more than poets - I can tell you a few of my favorite slam poems though: Sonya's "The Juan Poem" (yes,I know it has a different name now, but it will always be "The Juan Poem" to me - Any poem Gerald Youngblood reads when he's on - Hilary's cock sucking poem - Bear's Yo' Mamma' So Fat poem - FOOTPRINTS - Trip to Normal - Heterophobia (and?) - ERIC - Amelia's Latina Poem - SUPERHEROS - Jason Carney when he's sexy - GNO is always good - Vicky's DOGWOOD TREE POEM IS THE BEST POEM I'VE HEARD TO DATE! Ummmm...let me see - other poets I love, but can't tell you specific poems because I hardly see them perform anymore (Ernie Cline, Derrick Brown, The chick from Boston who was in Indie finals 2k!, Phil, Karyna, Susan, LINDSAY, Mike, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm... ya' know....just a lot of people and poems)...I guess the reason I'm ranting is because it's not about a person- any wonderful person or poet can produce garbage & any horrible person or poet can produce a moving poem-- know what I mean?

Favorite Cartoon: Have you ever seen a cartoon porno? They're great! Actually- I'd like to say my favorite show on TV is Strangers With Candy- and it may not be a cartoon, but it needs people like me to say nice things like I just said on websites like this.  I make a difference.  Actually, WAMMO is like a human cartoon and I like him a lot.  Yes, WAMMO is my favorite cartoon.

Favorite Episode of M.A.S.H.: Anytime Jamie Farr would wear a dress. Actually, that's a lie. I hate(d) M.A.S.H.

E-Mail: UTCOOPER@aol.com

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