Mike Henry

Mike Henry

1995 Team Member
1996 Slam Team Coach
1997 Team Coach
1998 National Poetry Slam Organizer
1999 Team Member

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   Letter #3 - Mike Henry

Your Name: Mike Henry

Your Nickname: Coach

Born (place and year): Weatherford, Oklahoma, 10/17/67

Day Job: Co-owner, booking agent, commander-in-chief, jedi master and spokesmodel for the Electric Lounge.

Formative Childhood Experience: At age five, parents took me to Frontier City (a cheesy western theme park in Oklahoma City, OK) and during the train robbery part when the fake outlaws came to our car, I pulled a cap gun on one of them, resulting in a Mexican stand-off situation that lasted for several minutes. It was just exactly like Resevoir Dogs.

Your Interests include: 7-11, playing fantasy baseball and basketball over the internet, beer, drumming for several marginally successful rock bands (including my KISS cover band, Rip and Destroy!!!), taking Danny Solis' money in poker games on airplanes, eventual and inevitable world conquest by the Electric Lounge.

Last Book Read: Fun with Milk and Cheese by Evan Dorkin. Currently reading Fight The Power by Chuck D.

Ambition: Limitless. Knows no bounds. Unrealistic and without regard for human limitations.

Recent Accomplishment: Wesley Willis put a song on Black Light Diner called "Electric Lounge." Claims that the Lounge is a joyride that whips a horse's ass.

Prized Possessions: my dad's baseball glove, the scorched 1 ball from the Electric Lounge fire, a plastic tiara with Birthday Girl emblazoned in a pink heart, Jack Sabbath's wardrobe, a tattoo on my left shoulder of Snoopy dancing a jig signifying and representing my Philosophy of Perpetual Motion.

When you started Slamming: the Emo's Slams to qualify for Lollapalooza. I think it was 1993. I qualified but I didn't go. Went to New Mexico instead and tripped acid.

One-sentence description of your Slam style: Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy.

Influences (poetic and otherwise): 70's TV, 80's rock, Bill Hicks, Hamell on Trial, Steven Jesse Bernstein, KISS, the Blue Plate Poets, W.S. Merwyn, Jim Carrol, Sonya Feher, Public Enemy, George Lucas, the 1995-96-97 Austin Poetry Slam Teams, Spinal Tap, Nashville Pussy, Kurt Rambis, the Beastie Boys, Hee Haw, the inescapable fact that my parents met in a bowling alley.

Favorite Slam Poet: Patricia Smith, Beau Sia, Dick Tingler

Favorite Cartoon: Milk and Cheese

Favorite Episode of M.A.S.H.: Col. Potter reminds me of my Dad.

E-Mail: jacksabbath@yahoo.com

Homepage: www.austinslam.com/mikey

Other Projects: http://www.cwrl.utexas.edu/~slatin/20c_poetry/projects/gh/ - project currently offline

Mike Henry with a bear

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