Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson is a member of Fantasy and SciFi Art gallery 69 at Elfwood.

Photo or selfportrait of Erik Johnson. ello, thank you for stopping by. My name is Erik Johnson. I would be 25 now, and live in Salt Lake Utah. I am currently werking as a Faux finisher Muralist, doing high end homes and buildings in different states as well as Utah. I am looking to get into character/concept design for vids, and cartoons. My main inspiration is the best in japanese animation, electronic music and also, well... video games.

Thanks for checking out my artwerk. I am not much of a replier, as I am not on the net much. So I apoligize in advance. I am a jerk I know.

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World position:
My World Position
Shortcuts: [Serpent Thief] [Dinner?] [Fall Fairy] [Flying girl, Floating Glop] [Pets and their ways.] [Look OUT!] [The Samurai and the Princess] [Sentinel] [Sinn and Jigg] [Garrens goin off. Calm down there guy.] [Bumble Moofies Last stand] [What a Drag]

Guestbook for Erik Johnson:
Jun 7 2004 Elfwood artist: Ivan Bong Very nice colour work! Excellent stuff
Jun 13 2004 Anonymous whoaaaaa YODA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Jun 20 2004 Stina Very nice art!
Jun 23 2004 Forrest Erik, you da man... I haven't been out here for a while but whenever I do check out this site I always check out your gallery. Your stuff just keeps getiing better and better. I live in Dallas now. send me an email so we can hook up. I travel a lot so chances are, I'll be in your area at some point soon.
Jul 6 2004 Elfwood artist: Miranda 'Eve' Day This was one of the most colorful galleries I have been to in a long time and I enjoyed every picture you have here. Great compositions, perspectives, anatomy and well again coloring! GREAT work!!!
Aug 31 2004 Elfwood artist: Brenda Hellenthal I really like the colors you pic for the characters you draw. And I have lots of respect for the detail in your pictures and costume design and all.
Keep it going! :)
Sep 9 2004 julia You are not only a good artist, but you also have a really great sense of humor and it comes out in all of your art and captions. :)
Nov 5 2004 Tina Quillen hey how old are you, I am looking for some one with your same name. e-mail me please.
Nov 21 2004 Elfwood artist: Aimee Maxine Kitchens Fantastic.
I love your work.
Stop by and browse my site and give me a thoght on my own work if you would. I value the advice of my fellow artists.
I would offer advice if I felt that I had anything to offer you, but I am completely hammered by your skill...
Jan 28 2005 Kelly Your artwork is great! You should look at getting into an Artist's Alley or two at some of the cons. I think you would do well.
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