ELKS ported to the Psion Series 3.


These pages are in the process of being updated, links may appear broken. SDW 21Dec99

This page describes the Psion ELKS project and provides the appropiate files so that you can try it yourself.

The code on the page is a port of the main ELKS tree, and as such is released under the GPL License. You can read the terms of the License here, this way the work that has gone into the project can be widely shared around the world.

The main requirements (at present) are:

There are reports of the code working (at least partially) on the 3C. The Sienna however will not work - manly due to the different screen size.

Warning and Disclaimer

Running the ELKS kernel WILL ERASE THE INTENAL RAM DISK, running the other tools may as well (although they haven't on my machine).

As all the code is based on reversed engineered knowledge there is a possiblity of physical damage to the Psion itself - don't run anything unless you are willing to take that risk.

State of Play

Despite previous revisions, the current code does not run fully, since updating the rest of the kernel to a new version, things are broken. I hope to be able to solve this soon.

Alistair has merged the Sibo suff into the main '/arch/i86' tree to ensure that it benefits from any developement on the main code, I've hacked the Config files around to enable building.

The drivers have improved a little, the SSD and serial run faster and you can 'Serial Echo' to send all console output to the serial port (very usefull for debugging).

I have also changed the font size to make the most of the Psion's small screen.

The Current (not so old) Code

These are links to the current code, please note that although this boots it falls over after attempting to load 'init', you can try to run 'sh' by adjusting '/init/main.c'.

The Old Code

These are links to the old code, which worked in the most basic form:


Installation instructions.


'Where do you want to go today????

Well the main task is to work out where it is going wrong (obviously), after that it is to continue to develope the system. The main points I would like to achieve are:

If you are interested in helping, or would just would like to know more, please email me

(c) Simon Wood, last updated 11th January 2000.