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This is the virtual drum machine expressed as VST. This musical instrument was produced in order that the author might wipe away the inferiority complex of "Linn Drum Computer". I have already made three musical instruments now. Although this musical instrument is the third thing, it is exhibited first.


Here is the screenshot of JM-1. It will become large if a small picture is clicked.


DOWNLOAD here(Windoze Only.)


To install, just run "JM-1 Installer.exe".

Connect your MIDI Keyboard to playing or recording. The button currently attached to the bottom of a screen cannot be made to record although it can be made to preview. Moreover, especially the "beep" button does not have a meaning now. It is due to improve various in the future. The mixer in the screen upper part consists of volume and pan. Each knob and slider are controllable with a midi signal.


This plug-in is created by SynthEdit. This program is the coolest RAD tool of VST creation in the present world.
I do the license of this musical instrument(I call a musical instrument "software" the back from here) for free. However, I do not abandon my copyright portion on this software. I forbid selling this software and lending out. In case this software is made an appendix of a magazine etc., my permission is surely required.

Updating history

10.Dec.2002.            Public presentation of plug-in is started.
12.Dec.2002             The fault of plug-in is corrected.


I linked to each other to DTM Magazine (Japanese site).

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