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Introduction to DAVIC
Objectives; Membership; Organization; Statutes; Procedures for Technical WorkDAVIC Status ReportNewcomers' Presentation

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The latest news
26th DAVIC Meeting in Newport Beach, CA - 28 September 1999; Open Meeting in Newport Beach, CA - 28-29 September 1999DAVIC-ATM Forum Multimedia Fair (3-4/12 Tokyo); "This is DAVIC" - DAVIC European Information Day - Geneva, 12 January 1999 - Report; DAVIC at "Content Protection TWG Meeting" in Burbank, CA - 2 March 1999

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DAVIC Specifications
Published specifications; Documents for Public review; CD-ROM Order Form   

Next meeting 28 September , Newport Beach (Ca)

Closing of DAVIC
Open Workshop in Newport Beach, CA - 28-29 September 1999

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