Winners and Finalists through 2001
Note: Winners indicated in bold
Hazel Hall Award for Poetry

Lois Baker of Portland, Man Covered With Bees
Joseph Millar of Eugene, Overtime
Carolyn Reynolds Miller of Salem, Rising and Falling
Willa Schneberg of Portland, In The Margins Of The World

Karen Braucher of Portland, Sending Messages Over Inconceivable Distances
Tom Bremer of Portland, Just Once
Dorianne Laux of Eugene, Smoke
Ralph Salisbury of Eugene, Rainbows of Stone
Floyd Skloot of Amity, The Evening Light

Bill Deemer of Eugene, Variations
Jeff Meyers of Portland, Hereafter
Judith Montgomery of Portland, Passion
Primus St. John of West Linn, Communion
George Venn of La Grande, West of Paradise

casey l.b. kwang of Talent, on blue felix paper
Kim Stafford of Portland, A Thousand Friends of Rain
Clemens Starck of Dallas, Studying Russian on Company Time
Pimone Triplett of Eugene, Ruining the Picture
Diane Averill of Beavercreek, Beautiful Obstacles
Michele Glazer of Portland, It Is Hard to Look At What We Came to Think Weíd Come to See
James Grabill of Portland, Listening to the Leaves Form
Robert Hill Long of Eugene, The Effigies
Sandra Stone of Portland, Cocktails with Brueghel at the Museum CafÈ
David Biespiel of Portland, Shattering Air
Donna Henderson of Monmouth, Transparent Woman
T.R. Hummer of Eugene, Walt Whitman in Hell
Lawson Fusao Inada of Ashland, Drawing the Line
Lisa M. Steinman of Portland, Ordinary Songs
Barbara LaMorticella, Rain on Waterless Mountain
Carlos Reyes, A Suitcase Full of Crows
Jim Shugrue, Small Things Screaming
Clemens Starck, Journeymanís Wages
James Grabill, Poem Rising Out of the Earth and Standing Up in Someone
Vern Rutsala, Little-known Sports
Floyd Skloot, Music Appreciation
Elizabeth Wood, Luminaries of the Humble
Henry Carlile, Rain
Tom Crawford, Lauds
Jane Glazer, Some Trick of Light
Doug Marx, Sufficiency
Steven Sher, Travelerís Advisory
Floyd Skloot, Poppies
Lois Baker, Tracers
Lawson Inada, Legends from Camp
Peter Jensen, Erik Muller and David Johnson, Confluence
Lisa M. Steinman, A Book of Other Days
James B. Hall, Bereavements
Christopher Howell, Sweet Afton
Vern Rutsala, Selected Poems
Diane Averill, Branches Doubled Over with Fruit
Robert A. Davies, Tracks in Oregon
Sharon Doubiago, Psyche Drives the Coast
Nan Hannon, Sky River
Primus St. John, Dreamer
Maxine Scates, Toluca Street
(two winners)
Judith Barrington, History and Geography
John Daniel, Common Ground
Lex Runciman, The Admirationís
Lisa M. Steinman, All That Comes to Light
Tom Bremer, A Bird That Changes Trees
Sharon Doubiago, Oedipus Drowned
Ingrid Wendt, Singing the Mozart Requiem

ohn Haislip, Seal Rock
Vern Rutsala, Ruined Cities

H.L. Davis Award for Fiction    
Kate Bernheimer of Portland, The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold
Gina Ochsner of Keizer, The Necessary Grace to Fall
Peter Rock of Portland, The Ambidextrist
Barry Lopez of Finn Rock, Light Action in the Caribbean
Phillip Margolin of Portland, Wild Justice
Mark Jude Poirier of Portland, Goats
Doe Tabor of Eugene, Do Drums Beat There
Molly Best Tinsley of Ashland, Throwing Knives
Craig Lesley of Portland, Storm Riders
Jody Seay of Portland, The Second Coming of Curly Red
Kathleen Tyau of Gaston, Makai
Tracy Daugherty of Corvallis, The Boy Orator
Sheila Evans of Yachats, Northport Ehud Havazelet of Corvallis, Like Never Before
Chuck Palahniuk of Portland, Survivor
Peter Ho Davies, The Ugliest House in the World
Molly Gloss, The Dazzle of Day
Sandra Scofield, Plain Seeing
Floyd Skloot, The Open Door
Gus Van Sant, Pink
Ann Copeland, Season of Apples
Gregg Kleiner, Where River Turns to Sky
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
Joanna Rose, Little Miss Strange
Sandra Scofield, A Chance to See Egypt
Tracy Daugherty, What Falls Away
Craig Lesley, The Sky Fisherman
Kathleen Tyau, A Little Too Much Is Enough
Jennifer C. Cornell, Departures
Chang-rae Lee, Native Speaker
Ann Packer, Mendocino and Other Stories
Diana Abu-Jaber, Arabian Jazz
Alison Baker, How I came West, and Why I Stayed
George Herman, Carnival of Saints
Whitney Otto, Now You See Her
Sandra Scofield, More Than Allies
Annie Dawid, York Ferry
David Duncan, The Brothers K
Ken Kesey, Sailor Song
Diane Simmons, Dreams Like Thunder
Kim Stafford, Wind on the Waves
Karen Karbo, The Diamond Lane
Ursula Le Guin, Searoad
Tom Spanbauer, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon
Kate Wilhelm, Death Qualified
(no recipients)
Molly Gloss, The Jump-off Creek
Hillary Johnson, Physical Culture
Craig Lesley, River Song
Hob Broun, Cardinal Numbers
Sharon Doubiago, The Book of Seeing with Oneís Own Eyes
Todd Grimson, Within Normal Limits
A.B. Paulson, Watchman Tell Us of the Night
Fred Pfeil, Shine On
Rick Borsten, The Great Equalizer
Russell Working, Resurrectionists
Frances Fuller Victor Award for Literary Nonfiction
K.P. Burke of Salem, Proof Through the Night
Paul Collins of Portland, Banvard's Folly
Alfred Habegger of Enterprise, My Wars Are Laid Away in Books
Karen Karbo of Portland, Generation Ex
Jennifer Lauck of Portland, Still Waters
Larry Colton of Portland, Counting Coup
Chanrithy Him of Eugene, When Broken Glass Floats
Lauren Kessler of Eugene, The Happy Bottom Riding Club
Jennifer Lauck of Portland, Blackbird
Judith Barrington of Portland, Lifesaving
Andrew X. Pham of Portland, Catfish and Mandala
Marjorie Sandor of Corvallis, The Night Gardener
William Ashworth of Ashland, The Left Hand of Eden
Diana Coogle of Applegate, Fire from the Dragonís Tongue
Barbara Drake of Yamhill, Peace at Heart
Barry Lopez of Finn Rock, About This Life
Jeff Taylor of Independence, Tools of the Earth
Lars Nordstr–m of Beavercreek, Making It Home
Richard Peck of Portland, A Morbid Fascination
William G. Robbins of Corvallis, Landscapes of Promise
Quintard Taylor of Eugene, In Search of the Racial Frontier
John Daniel of Elmira, Looking After
Floyd Skloot of Amity, The Night-Side
Susan Butruille, Womenís Voices from the Western Frontier
Thomas Hager, Force of Nature
Robert Leo Heilman, Overstory Zero
Garrett Hongo, Volcano
Kathleen Dean Moore, Riverwalking
Robin Cody, Voyage of a Summer Sun
James Grabill, Through the Green Fire
Marcy Houle, The Prairie Keepers
Alvin M. Josephy, 500 Nations
Quintard Taylor, The Forging of a Black Community
Chris Anderson, Edge Effects
Lauren Kessler, Stubborn Twig
Rick Steber, Oregon Trail
Theodore Stern, Chiefs and Chief Traders
Linda Tamura, The Hood River Issei
Larry Colton, Goat Brothers
John Daniel, The Trail Home
David A. Johnson, Founding the Far West
Jonathan Nicholas, On the Oregon Trail
Richard M. Brown, No Duty to Retreat
Richard Kraus, Brushes with Power
Terence OíDonnell, Arrow in the Earth
Sallie Tisdale, Stepping Westward
Peter Byrne, Tula Hatti
Robert Grudin, The Grace of Great Things
Marcy Cottrell Houle, Wings for My Flight
Mary Ann Humphrey, My Country, My Right to Serve (two winners)

Kim Stafford, Entering the Grove (commendation)
Robin Carey, Baja Journey
William Merritt, Where the Rivers Ran Backward
Shannon Applegate, Skookum
Luther S. Cressman, A Golden Journey
Ursula Le Guin, Dancing on the Edge of the World
William L. Sullivan, Listening for Coyote
Jack Estes, A Field of Innocence
Barry Lopez, Crossing Open Ground
Edward Malin, Totem Poles
Sam McKinney, Reach of Tide, Ring of History
Cynthia Stowell, Faces of a Reservation
Ken Kesey, Demon Box
Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams
Kim Stafford, Having Everything Right
Angus L. Bowmer Award for Drama
(no recipients)
Dori Appel of Ashland, Lost and Found
Timothy E. Craig of McMinnville, Oregon Dawn
Charles Deemer of Portland, Seven Plays
Nancy Masaitis of Portland, Awe & Wonder
Barbara Pongracz of Lake Oswego, 3rd Time's the Charm
Sandra de Helen of Portland, The Bobbsey Twins Go to Hell
Melinda Pittman of Portland, Wonderbroads
William Sharp of Portland, Ain't Nothin' But a Bunch of Bull
Dori Appel of Ashland, The Lunatic Within
Dori Appel of Ashland, Mother, Tree, Cat
Bryan Marvis of Oceanside, Dream True
Bryan Marvis of Oceanside, The Loner
Dori Appel of Ashland, Freudís Girls
Charles Deemer, Bedrooms and Bars
Charles Deemer, Famililly
Dorothy Velasco, Ever the Dragon
Doug Baldwin of Portland, Drawing Down Clio
Wayne Harrel of Portland, Song of the Bow
Merilee Karr of Portland, The Diamond Orchard
Jan Baross, Mata Hari
Susan Mach, Angle of View
D. Roberts, Picasso in the Backseat
Dorothy Velasco, Mother May I
Sharon Whitney, The Amazing Adventures of Coco-Kab·
(no recipients)
Rachael Burchard, Alone
Myra Donnelley, Still Life
Jessica Litwak, A Pirateís Lullaby
Greg Tozian, Fort Byron
Sharon Whitney, Rumpelstiltskin
(no recipients)
Nancy Klementowski, After the Light Goes
Steve Patterson, Bombardment
E.J. Westlake, The Disappearance and Death of Amelia Earhart
(no recipients)
George Evans, Swimming in Grace
Charles van Steenburgh, The Lonely Treble
Sharon Whitney, Five Minute Wars
Jan Baross, The Woman Who Walked with a List
Dan Duling, Holding Patterns
Tad Savinar, The 4 Mickies
Carolyn Gage, The Second Coming of Joan of Arc
Nancy Klementowski, Small Combo Blues
Tad Savinar, Brushfires
Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Readers
Monte Killingsworth of Applegate, Equinox
Sara Ryan of Portland, Empress of the World
Graham Salisbury of Portland, Lord of the Deep
Roland Smith of Tualatin, Zach's Lie
Virginia Euwer Wolff of Oregon City, True Believer
Carmen Bernier-Grand of Portland, In the Shade of the NÌspero Tree
Ellen Howard of Salem, The Gate in the Wall
Roland Smith of Wilsonville, The Last Lobo
Susan Fletcher of Lake Oswego, Shadow Spinner
Pamela Smith Hill of Portland, A Voice from the Border
Linda Crew of Corvallis, Long Time Passing
Gretchen Olson of Amity, Joyride
Graham Salisbury of Portland, Shark Bait
Judy Sierra of Eugene, The Mean Hyena
Roland Smith of Tualatin, Sasquatch
Rodger Larson of Portland, What I Know Now
Eloise McGraw of Lake Oswego, The Moorchild
David Delamare, The Man in the Moon and the Hot Air Balloon
Rebecca Hickox, Per and the Dala Horse
Eric A. Kimmel, The Adventures of Hershel of Ostropol
Roland Smith, Journey of the Red Wolf
Roland Smith, Thunder Cave
Margaret Bechard, Really No Big Deal
Robert Crum, On the Powwow Trail with a Young Grass Dancer
Rita Grauer, Vasalisa and Her Magic Doll
Graham Salisbury, Under the Blood-red Sun
Susan Fletcher, Flight of the Dragon Kyn
Eric Kimmel, Anasi and the Talking Melon
Virginia Euwer Wolff, Make Lemonade
Becky Ayres, Matreshka
Margaret Bechard, Tory and Me and the Spirit of True Love
Eric Kimmel, The Spotted Pony
Graham Salisbury, Blue Skin of the Sea
Eloise McGraw, The Striped Ships
Virginia Euwer Wolff, The Mozart Season
Linda Crew, Someday Iíll Laugh About This
Eric Kimmel, The Chanukkah Guest
Eric Kimmel, Four Dollars and Fifty Cents
Susan Fletcher, Dragonís Milk
Eric Kimmel, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
Dorothy Nafus Morrison, Vanishing Act