Name: Mark Jindrak

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 253 pounds

From: Auburn, N.Y.

Finishing Move: Mark of Excellence

Entrance Video: 56K | 300K

For Mark Jindrak, his move to SmackDown! could prove to be the opportunity he has been waiting for. Jindrak is considered one of the best young talents in WWE and now that he is on SmackDown!, he may get to demonstrate just that!

While Jindrak may be a newer face in WWE, he is certainly not new to the wrestling scene, as his accomplishments in the tag team division of the old WCW speak for themselves. Along with current WWE Superstar Sean O’Haire, Jindrak was a member of the WCW Tag Team Champions on several occasions in 2000 and 2001, and there was a time when Jindrak and O’Haire were considered one of the best young tag teams in the business.

When WWE purchased WCW, Jindrak was part of the package, but he spent time in Ohio Valley Wrestling developing his talent even further so he could be ready for the big stage at WWE. Only time will tell if Jindrak will live up to the unlimited potential that has been noticed in him, but if his success thus far is a sign of things to come, Jindrak is ready to climb to the next level and become a major force as a singles competitor.