Wound Clinic Directory Listing Form

The purpose of the wound care clinic directory is to help patients and caregivers locate sources for wound care and management. It also provides a networking guide for patients, caregivers and wound care professionals. To include your listing in this annually published directory, please fill out the below information. There is currently no charge for this service.

Please note that the hard copy form of this directory is compiled annually and is available to AAWC Members free of charge. The directory is also available on CD ROM. Members may purchase the CD ROM, and non-AAWC members may purchase the hardcopy and/or CD ROM while supplies last. Click here for an Order Form.

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Inclusion in the directory is neither an endorsement or affidavit of care and the AAWC and associates accept no responsibility for information, care or treatment given in these listings. By listing in the directory, institutions and individuals indemnify AAWC from any and all events, results, procedures, care and associations and outcomes of the listings and their associates.

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