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Chronological List of Published Issues

Volumes 1 through 12

Note -- The first three volumes were published as NCP Clinical Newsletter Selected articles and issues are available on this Web site as indicated by hypertext links.

Volume 12(1). Winter, 2003

Morland, Leslie A.; Freuh, Christopher; Pierce, Kathleen & Miyahira, Sarah PTSD and Telemental Health: Updates and Future Directions. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 12(1): 1, 3-5. (Winter, 2003).

Friedman, Mattherw J. New Directions. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 12(1): 8. (Winter, 2003).

Prins, Annabel. Women and Trauma: A Clinical Forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 12(1): 10-11. (Winter, 2003).

Naugle, Amy E.; Bell, Kathryn M. & Polusny, Melissa A.. Clinical Considerations for Treating Sexually Revictimized Women. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 12(1): 12-16. (Winter, 2003).

Entire issue available as PDF File.


Volume 11(4). Fall, 2002

Nagy, Linda & Marshall, Randall PTSD Psychopharmacology Basics for Non-physicians and Beginning Psychiatrists. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(4): 33, 35-39. (Fall, 2002).

Friedman, Matthew J. New Directions. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(4): 40-41. (Fall, 2002).

Ruzek, Josef I.  Early Intervention: A Clinical Forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(4): 42-43. (Fall, 2002).

Salloum, Alison Homicide: Helping Children in the Aftermath. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(4): 44-48. (Fall, 2002).

Entire issue available as PDF File.


Volume 11(3). Summer, 2002

Prins, Annabel & Swales, Pamela J. Management of Panic in Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(3): 33, 35-38. (Summer, 2002).

Friedman, Matthew J. New Directions. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(3): 40-41. (Summer, 2002).

Prins, Annabel Women and Trauma: A Clinical Forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(3): 42. (Summer, 2002).

Cloitre, Marylene. Lessons Learned from 9/11: Considerations in the Development of School-Based Interventions Following Large Scale Violence. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(3): 43-46. (Summer, 2002).

Entire issue available as PDF File.

Volume 11(2).  Spring, 2002

Calhoun, Patrick S. & Wampler, Tim  Reducing Caregiver Burden and Psychological Distress in Partners of Veterans with PTSD.   NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly  11(2): 17, 19-22.  (Spring, 2002).

Friedman, Matthew J.  New Directions.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(2): 24. (Spring, 2002).

Ruzek, Josef I.  Early Intervention: A Clinical Forum.   NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(2): 25. (Spring, 2002).

Sandeen, Evelyn & Nye, Ella C.  Matching Treatment Resources to Patient Readiness in an Outpatient VA PTSD Clinic.   NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(2): 26-29. (Spring, 2002).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 11(1).  Winter, 2002

Young, Bruce H.  Emergency Outreach Guidelines.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly  11(1): 1, 3-7.  (Winter, 2002).

Friedman, Matthew J.  New Directions.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 11(1): 8-9. (Winter, 2002).

Prins, Annabel &  Lee, Tina  Working with Women Veterans:  Descriptive and Clinical Considerations.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly.  11(1).  10-11.  (Winter, 2002).

Gold, Steven N.  Treating Complex Trauma Cases:  A Contextual Approach.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly  11(1): 12-15.  (Winter, 2002).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 10(4).  Fall, 2001

Ritchie, Elspeth Cameron  Mental Health Response to the Pentagon After 9/11: An Overview.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(4): 53, 55-59.  (Fall, 2001).

Friedman, Matthew J.   New Directions.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly  10(4): 60.  (Fall, 2001).

Ruzek, Josef I.  Early Intervention: A Clinical Forum.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly  10(4): 61.  (Fall, 2001)

Ready, David J.; Rothbaum, Barbara O. & Hodges, Larry  Virtual Reality Based Exposure Therapy With Vietnam Veterans Who Suffer From PTSD.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly  10(4): 62-66.  (Fall, 2001).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 10(3). Summer, 2001

Friedman, Matthew J.  The National Centerís Disaster Mental Health Activities: Past, Present, and Future.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(3): 37, 39-41. (Summer, 2001).

Repasky, Stephanie A.; Uddo, Madeline; Franklin, C. Laurel & Thompson, Karin E.  Time-Limited Outpatient Group PTSD Treatment.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(3): 42-46. (Summer, 2001).

Prins, Annabel.   Women and Trauma:  A Clinical Forum.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(3):  47. (Summer, 2001).

Lyons, Judith A. & Root, Leslie P.  Family Members of the PTSD Veteran:  Treatment Needs and Barriers.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(3): 48-52.  (Summer, 2001).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 10(2). Spring, 2001

Young, Bruce   Notification of Correction to Scurfield (2001) article

Tedeschi, Richard G.; Calhoun, Lawrence, & Engdahl, Brian  Opportunities for Growth in Survivors of Trauma.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(2):  23-25.  (Spring, 2001).

Cook, Joan M.; Cassidy, Erin L. & Ruzek, Josef I.  Aging Combat Veterans in Long-Term Care.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(2): 26-30. (Spring, 2001).

Friedman, Matthew J.  New Directions.   NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(2): 31-32.  (Spring, 2001).

Ruzek, Josef I.,  Early Intervention:  A Clinical Forum.  NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(2):  33-34.  (Spring, 2001).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 10(1). Winter, 2001

Scurfield, R. M. Positive and Negative Aspects of Exposure to Racism and Trauma: Research, Assessment, and Treatment Implications. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(1): 1-10. (Winter, 2001).

Dutton, M.A. Understanding Risks to Women of Intimate Partner Violence. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(1): 11-16. (Winter, 2001).

Friedman, M. National Center Collaboration with the U.S. Military. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(1): 12. (Winter, 2001).

Prins, A. & Fleming, T. L. Training for Sexual Assault Counselors, Part I: Identifying the Science-Practice Gap. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 10(1): 13-19. (Winter, 2001).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 9(4). Fall, 2000

Astin, M. C., & Rothbaum, B.O. Exposure Therapy for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(4): 49-54. (Fall, 2000).

Meichenbaum, D. Treating Patients with PTSD: A Constructive Narrative Approach. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(4): 55-59. (Fall, 2000).

Friedman, M. New Directions. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(4): 56-60. (Fall, 2000).

Ruzek, J. Early Intervention: A Clinical Forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(4): 57. (Fall, 2000).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 9(3). Summer, 2000

Wilson, John P. & Kurtz, Robert R. Assessing PTSD in Couple and Partners: The Dyadic Dance of Trauma. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(3): 33-38. (Summer, 2000).

Dalenberg, Constance J. Countertransference and the Management of Anger in Trauma Therapy. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(3): 39-45. (Summer, 2000).

Friedman, Matthew J. Practice Guidelines for PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(3): 40. (Summer, 2000).

Caufield, Marie B. Women and Trauma: A Clinical Forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(3): 41. (Summer, 2000).

Entire issue available as PDF file.

Volume 9(2), Spring, 2000

Pennebaker, James W. & Campbell, R. Sherlock. The Effects of Writing about Traumatic Experience. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(2): 17-21. (Spring, 2000).

Paivio, Sandra C. & Greenberg, Leslie S. Emotion Focused Therapy for Interpersonal Trauma. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(2): 22-29. (Spring, 2000).

Friedman, Matthew J. New Directions: VA's Special Committee for PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(2): 24-29. (Spring, 2000).

Caufield, Marie B. Understanding Problems of Self-Care in Trauma Survivors: A Clinical Model. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(2): 25. (Spring, 2000).

Entire Issue available as PDF file.

Volume 9(1), Winter, 2000

Green, Bonnie L & Schnurr, Paula P. Trauma and Physical Health. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(1): 1-5. (Winter, 2000).

Mela, Kathleen, & Wagner, Amy. The Application of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(1): 6-12. (Winter, 2000).

Friedman, Matthew J. Psychotraumatology in the Twenty-First Century. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(1): 8. (Winter, 2000).

Caufield, Marie B. Women, Trauma, Interpersonal Stressors and Health. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 9(1): 9. (Winter, 2000).

Entire Issue available as PDF file.

Volume 8(4), Fall, 1999.

Raia, Jacqueline A. Treatment of Children and Adolescents Exposed to Community Violence. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(4): 56-60. (Fall, 1999).

Jaycox, Lisa J. & Stein, Bradley. How Can We Prevent Emotional Disturbances in Youth Exposed to Violence in Schools? NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(4): 61-62. (Fall, 1999).

Caufield, Marie B. Finding Strength: Understanding the Function of Symptoms. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(4): 64. (Fall, 1999).

Wood, Jenifer, & Reed, Winifred. Justice, Education, and Mental Health Partnerships: Creating a Safety Net for Children. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(4): 65-66. (Fall, 1999).

Foy, David W. Guns, Gangs, and Gin. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(4): 67. (Fall, 1999).

Leskin, Gregory A. Screening for Trauma and PTSD in a Primary Care Setting. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(4): 68-69. (Fall, 1999).

Entire Issue available as PDF file.

Volume 8(3), Summer, 1999.

Najavitz, Lisa M. Seeking Safety: A New Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for PTSD and Substance Abuse. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(3): 40-45. (Summer, 1999).

Armstrong, Judith G. & High, James R. Guidelines for Differentiating Malingering from PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(3): 46-48. (Summer, 1999).

Caufield, Marie B. & Turner, Kiban. Deficits in Personal Resources in Survivors of Child Abuse: Targets for Clinicians. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(3): 50. (Summer, 1999).

Donovan, Beverly, & Padin-Rivera, Edgardo. Transcend: A Program for Treating PTSD and Substance Abuse in Vietnam Combat Veterans. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(3): 51-53. (Summer, 1999).

Entire Issue available as PDF file.

Volume 8(2), Spring, 1999.

Van der Kolk, Bessel, & Pelcovitz, David. Clinical Applications of the Structured Interview for Disorders of Extreme Stress. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(2): 21-26. (Spring, 1999).

Dalenburg, Constance. The Management of Dissociative Symptoms in PTSD Patients. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(2): 27-29. (Spring, 1999).

Caufield, Marie B. & Prins, Annabel. The Role of the Mental Health Professional in Addressing the Physical Complaints of Trauma Survivors. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(2): 31. (Spring, 1999).

Murphy, Ronald T., Cameron, Rebecca P., Sharp, Lois, & Ramirez, Gilbert. Motivating Veterans to Change PTSD Symptoms and Related Behaviors. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(2): 32-36. (Spring, 1999).

Entire Issue available as PDF file.

Volume 8(1), Winter 1998

Yehuda, R. Resilience and Vulnerability Factors in the Course of Adaptation to Trauma. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(1): 1-5. (Winter, 1998).

Niles, Barbara L., Newman, Elana, & Fisher, Lisa. Therapeutic Follow-Up in Chronic PTSD: The Challenges of Measurement. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(1): 6-10. (Winter, 1998).

Koenen, Karestan. The Impact of Trauma Training for Graduate Students. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(1): 12-13. (Winter, 1998).

Uddo, Madeline, Sautter, Frederick J. & Pardue, Larry. Treatment of PTSD with Psychotic Symptoms. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 8(1): 14-17. (Winter, 1998).

Entire Issue available as PDF file.

Volume 7(4), Fall 1997

Morgan, C.A. Startle Response in Individuals with PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (4): 65-69. (Fall, 1997).

Bremner, Douglas J. Neuroimaging Studies in PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (4): 70-73. (Fall, 1997).

Cloitre, M. Somatic Symptoms Associated with PTSD: Assessment and intervention. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (4): 74. (Fall, 1997).

Friedman, Matthew J. Pharmacotherapy for PTSD: A status report. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (4): 75-77. (Fall, 1997).

Southwick, Steve M. & Yehuda, R. Situations of Threat. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (4): 78-80. (Fall, 1997).

Entire Issue also available as PDF file.

Volume 7(3), Summer 1997

Resnick, Heidi. Acute panic reactions among rape victims: Implications for prevention of post-rape psychopathology. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (3): 41-45 (Summer, 1997).

Falsetti, Sherry A. Treatment of PTSD with comorbid panic attacks. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (3): 46-48. (Summer, 1997).

Ford, Julian. Specialized care for chronic complex PTSD, part II: Treatment options. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (3): 50-51. (Summer, 1997).

Cloitre, M. Comorbidity of DSM-IV disorders among women experiencing traumatic events. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (3): 52-53. (Summer, 1997).

Orsillo, Susan M. Social avoidance and PTSD: The role of comorbid social phobia. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (3): 54-57. (Summer, 1997).

Roemer, Lizabeth. Treatment of worry in trauma-expossed individuals: Reducing cognitive avoidance to facilitate trauma-focused emotional processing. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7 (3): 58-61. (Summer, 1997).

Volume 7(2), Spring 1997

Catherall, Donald R. Family treatment when a member has PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(2): 17, 19-21 (Spring 1997)

Curran, Erika. Fathers with war-related PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(2): 30-33 (Spring 1997)

Glynn, Shirley M. Behavioral family therapy for chronic combat-related PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(2): 34-38 (Spring 1997)

Hand, Rebecca. The stigma of childhood sexual abuse. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(2): 28-29 (Spring 1997)

Riggs, David S. Posttraumatic stress disorder and the perpetration of domestic violence. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(2): 22-25 (Spring 1997)

Volume 7(1), Winter 1997

C·nive, Jose M.; Castillo, Diane. Hispanic veterans diagnosed with PTSD: assessment and treatment issues. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(1): 12-15 (Winter 1997)

Cloitre, Marylene. Women and trauma: a clinical forum: treatment of sexual problems among women with histories of childhood sexual abuse. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(1): 11 (Winter 1997)

Kubany, Edward S. Thinking errors, faulty conclusions, and cognitive therapy for trauma-related guilt. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(1): 6-9 (Winter 1997)

Walhberg, Lawrence. Selecting patients for trauma focus group therapy. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 7(1): 1, 3-5 (Winter 1997).

Volume 6(4), Fall 1996

Chrestman, Kelly R.; Prins, Annabel; Koss, Mary P. Enhancement of primary care treatment for women trauma survivors. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 83-86 (Fall 1996)

Cloitre, Marylene. Women and trauma: a clinical forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 93 (Fall 1996)

Ford, Julian D. The therapeutic community model and PTSD services. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 91-92 (Fall 1996)

Ford, Julian D.; Ruzek, Josef I.; Niles, Barbara L. Identifying and treating VA medical care patients with undetected sequelae of psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 77-82 (Fall 1996)

Friedman, Matthew J.; Schnurr, Paula P. Trauma, PTSD and health. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 75-76 (Fall 1996)

Gebhart, Ronald J.; Neeley, Frances L. Primary care and PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 72, 74 (Fall 1996)

Ruzek, Josef I.; Garay, Kate. Hospital trauma care and management of trauma-related psychological problems. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(4): 87-90 (Fall 1996)

Volume 6(3), Summer 1996

Gerlock, April A. An anger management intervention model for veterans with PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(3): 61-64 (Summer 1996)

Novaco, Raymond W. Anger treatment and its special challenges. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(3): 56, 58-60 (Summer 1996)

Reilly, Patrick M.; Clark, H. Westley; Shopshire, Michael S. Anger management and PTSD: engaging substance abuse patients in long-term treatment. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(3): 68-69 (Summer 1996)

Volume 6(2), Spring 1996

Ansorge, Susan; Litz, Brett T.; Orsillo, Susan M. Thinking about feelings: the role of meta-mood in post-traumatic stress disorder. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 38-41 (Spring 1996)

Briere, John. Treating adults who were sexually abused as children: central principles. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 29, 31-33 (Spring 1996)

Cloitre, Marylene. Women and trauma: a clinical forum. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 47 (Spring 1996)

Friedman, Matthew J. New directions: trauma and the media. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 46 (Spring 1996)

Masters, Rosemary. Too proud to cry: clinical work with survivors who employ narcissistic defenses. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 49-52 (Spring 1996)

Serafin, Jill M. Treating disrupted relationships: couples therapy for female child sexual abuse survivors and their partners. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 42-45 (Spring 1996)

Townsend, Elizabeth. The common ground of war: the clinician and the cultural historian in symbiosis. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 53-54 (Spring 1996)

Wilson, Kelly G.; Follette, Victoria M.; Hayes, Steven C.; Batten, Sonja V. Acceptance theory and the treatment of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(2): 34-37 (Spring 1996)

Volume 6(1), Winter 1996

Boehnlein, James K.; Kinzie, J. David. Psychiatric treatment of Southeast Asian refugees. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(1): 19-22 (Winter 1996)

Litz, Brett T. The psychological demands of peacekeeping for military personnel. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(1): 1, 3-8 (Winter 1996)

Lundin, Tom; Otto, Ulf. Swedish soldiers in peacekeeping operations: stress reactions following missions in Congo, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Bosnia. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(1): 9-11 (Winter 1996)

WeisÊth, Lars; Mehlum, Lars; Mortensen, Mauritz S. Peacekeeper stress: new and different? NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 6(1): 12-15 (Winter 1996)

Volume 5(4), Fall 1995

Johnson, David Read; Lubin, Hadar. Uncovering PTSD in the Republic of Vietnam. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(4): 7-10 (Fall 1995)

Keane, Terence M. The role of exposure therapy in the psychological treatment of PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(4): 1, 3-6 (Fall 1995)

Maxwell, Michael J. Developing a model for continuum of care. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(4): 18-19 (Fall 1995)

Sitterle, Karen A. Mental health services at the Compassion Center: the Oklahoma City bombing. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(4): 20-23 (Fall 1995)

Tassey, John. Personal impressions of the Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma city. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(4): 24-25 (Fall 1995)

Thompson, Karin E.; Hamilton, Michelle; West, Jeffrey A. Group treatment for nightmares in veterans with combat-related PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(4): 13-17 (Fall 1995)

Volume 5(2-3), Summer 1995

Brandsma, Jeffrey; Hyer, Lee. Resolution of traumatic grief in combat veterans. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(2-3): 14-16 (Spring/Summer 1995)

Callahan, Edward J. Psychological intervention for unresolved grief. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(2-3): 11-13 (Spring/Summer 1995)

Cummock, M. Victoria. The necessity of denial in grieving murder: observations of the victims' families following the bombing in Oklahoma City. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(2-3): 17-18 (Spring/Summer 1995)

Shapiro, Ester R. Grief and trauma in family developmental and cultural context. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(2-3): 1, 3-6 (Spring/Summer 1995)

Shay, Jonathan. Achilles in Vietnam: combat trauma and the undoing of character. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(2-3): 7-9 (Spring/Summer 1995)

Volume 5(1), Winter 1995

Decker, Larry R. Including spirituality. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 1, 3 (Winter 1995)

Drescher, Kent D.; Foy, David W. Spirituality and trauma treatment: suggestions for including spirituality as a coping resource. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 4-5 (Winter 1995)

Gade, Lisa. The weather of this place. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 11 (Winter 1995)

Jordan, Merle R. A spiritual perspective on trauma and treatment. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 9-10 (Winter 1995)

Mahedy, William P. Some theological perspectives on PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 6-7 (Winter 1995)

Salois, Philip G. Spiritual healing and PTSD. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 12 (Winter 1995)

Sutherland, Suzanne M.; Davidson, Jonathan R. T. Clinical implications of the posttraumatic stress disorder DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 5(1): 13-14 (Winter 1995)

Volume 4(3/4), Summer/Fall 1994

Angell, Susan A. Acute and chronic symptomatology of sexual trauma: treatment issues. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(3/4): 9 (Summer/Fall 1994)

Cloitre, Marylene. Practical and theoretical considerations in the treatment of sexually revictimized women. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(3/4): 6-8 (Summer/Fall 1994)

Resick, Patricia A. Cognitive processing therapy (CPT) for rape-related PTSD and depression. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(3/4): 1, 3-5 (Summer/Fall 1994)

Schwartz, Linda. Women in the military and women veterans. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(3/4): 14-15 (Summer/Fall 1994)

Volume 4(2), Spring 1994

Danieli, Yael. As survivors age: part II. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 20-24 (Spring 1994)

Flynn, Brian W. Mental health services in large scale disasters: an overview of the crisis counseling program. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 11-12 (Spring 1994)

Freedy, John R.; Kilpatrick, Dean G. Everything you ever wanted to know about natural disasters and mental health (well, almost!). NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 6-8 (Spring 1994)

Hiley-Young, Bruce; Gerrity, Ellen T. Critical incident stress debriefing (CISD): value and limitations in disaster response. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 17-19 (Spring 1994)

Hoffman, Susanna M. Up from the embers: a disaster survivor's story. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 15-16 (Spring 1994). ? [English]

Morgan, Jane. Providing disaster mental health services through the American Red Cross. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 13-14 (Spring 1994). ? [English]

Myers, Diane Garaventa. Psychological recovery from disaster: key concepts for delivery of mental health services. NC-PTSD Clinical Quarterly 4(2): 1, 3-5 (Spring 1994)

Volume 4(1), Winter 1994

Note -- With this issue, the title was changed to NCP Clinical Quarterly

Chester, Barbara; Jaranson, James M. The context of survival and destruction: conducting psychotherapy with survivors of torture. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(1): 17-20 (Winter 1994)

Danieli, Yael. As survivors age: part 1. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(1): 1-6 (Winter 1994)

Engdahl, Brian E.; Eberly, Raina E. Assessing PTSD among veterans exposed to war trauma 40-50 years ago. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(1): 13-14 (Winter 1994)

Norris, Fran H. Frequency and impact of traumatic life events in the older population. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(1): 8-9 (Winter 1994)

Schnurr, Paula P. The long-term course of PTSD. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(1): 15-16 (Winter 1994)

Turnbull, Gordon J. Debriefing of released British hostages from Lebanon. NCP Clinical Quarterly 4(1): 21-22 (Winter 1994)

Volume 3(3/4), Summer/Fall 1993

Aboytes, John. PTSD substance abuse disorder unit at the NCPTSD Clinical Laboratory and Educational Division. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(3/4): 19-21 (Summer/Fall 1993)

Hyer, Leon A. (Lee); McCranie, Edward; Peralme, Lynne. Dual diagnosis: PTSD and alcohol abuse. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(3/4): 1, 3, 8-10 (Summer/Fall 1993)

Penk, Walter E. PTSD and substance abuse: clinical assessment considerations. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(3/4): 14-18 (Summer/Fall 1993)

Ruzek, Josef; Abueg, Francis R.; Murphy, Ron. Practical relapse prevention and the PTSD/alcohol patient: the sobriety script. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(3/4): 22-23 (Summer/Fall 1993)

Swindle, Ralph W.; Moos, Rudolf H. The expanding scope of VA substance abuse treatment and program evaluation. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(3/4): 11-13, 26 (Summer/Fall 1993)

Volume 3(2), Spring 1993

Blake, Dudley David. Treatment outcome research on post-traumatic stress disorder. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(2): 14-17 (Spring 1993)

Courtois, Christine A. Vicarious traumatization of the therapist. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(2): 8-9 (Spring 1993)

Lindy, Jacob D. PTSD and transference. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(2): 1, 3-4 (Spring 1993)

Ruzek, Josef. Professionals coping with vicarious trauma. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(2): 12-13, 17 (Spring 1993)

Yassen, Janet. Groupwork with clinicians who have a history of trauma. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(2): 10-11 (Spring 1993)

Volume 3(1), Winter 1993

Blake, Dudley David. Psychological assessment and PTSD: not just for researchers. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(1): 16-19 (Winter 1993)

Pontius, Edward B. Acute traumatic stress: guidelines for treating mass-casualty survivors from the Persian Gulf War. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(1): 1, 4-5 (Winter 1993)

Sloan, Patrick; Arsenault, Linda; McCormick, William; Dunn, Stephen; Scalf, Laurene. Early intervention with Appalachian reservists in Operation Desert Storm. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(1): 6-7, 12 (Winter 1993)

Turnbull, Gordon J. The Lockerbie air disaster and the Gulf War: debriefing in Britain. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(1): 14-15 (Winter 1993)

Wolfe, Jessica; Kelley, John. Following Desert Storm: the impact on men and women. NCP Clinical Newsletter 3(1): 8-9, 12 (Winter 1993)

Volume 2(2), Spring 1992

Batres, Alfonso R. Readjustment Counseling Service's Physically Disabled Veterans Working Group. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(2): 6, 16-17 (Spring 1992)

Blank, Arthur S. Readjustment Counseling Service. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(2): 1, 3-4 (Spring 1992)

Buechler, Donna. Bringing together women Vietnam veterans. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(2): 7, 10, 18 (Spring 1992)

Volume 2(1), Fall 1991

Friedman, Matthew J. Current trends in PTSD research. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(1): 1, 9-11, 13 (Fall 1991)

Harkness, Laurie. The effect of combat-related PTSD on children. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(1): 12-13 (Fall 1991)

Hiley-Young, Bruce; Giles, Steve. Secondary prevention with high risk children in elementary school. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(1): 4-5, 8, 13 (Fall 1991)

Parson, Erwin Randolph. Integrating the multicultural self: relevance of psychohistorical and intercultural factors in PTSD treatment with black American veterans. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(1): 14-15 (Fall 1991)

Speidel, David; Lash, Crystal; Jordan, Josephine; Record, Chris. Fault lines. NCP Clinical Newsletter 2(1): 6-7 (Fall 1991)

Volume 1(3), Spring 1991

Furey, Joan A. Psychological intervention and combat casualty care. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(3): 12 (Spring 1991)

Hamada, Roger S. PTSD treatment and the Asian American/Pacific Islander Vietnam veteran. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(3): 4 (Spring 1991)

Kathriner, Stephen R. Art therapy: an effective tool in dealing with PTSD. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(3): 9-10 (Spring 1991)

Rose, Deborah S. Psychodynamic psychotherapy with rape victims. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(3): 5, 11 (Spring 1991)

Volume 1 (2), Fall 1990

Marsella, Anthony J.; Chemtob, Claude M.; Hamada, Roger S. Ethnocultural aspects of PTSD in Vietnam War veterans. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(2): 1, 3-4 (Fall 1990)

Oreiro, Mac C. Toward an understanding of American Indian warriors. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(2): 11 (Fall 1990)

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Volume 1 (1), Spring 1990

NCPTSD mounts three-prong attack on earthquake response. NCP Clinical Newsletter 1(1): 1, 9-10 (Spring 1990)

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