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The 37th Illinois Infantry

Company  B.

37th Regimental flag

     All officers and men stood nobly at their posts. The hand of death has snatched a brave, true man from our midst--Lieutenant Johnson, Company D, who fell, mortally wounded, at a subsequent movement of the fight. I sorrow for him, and beg leave to pay the last tribute I can to a soldier and a friend--a word of praise and a tear of mingled pride and sorrow for his gallant death. All who fell, fell nobly. Those who serve on, may envy their fate.

DECEMBER 7, 1862.--Battle of Prairie Grove, Fayetteville, or Illinois Creek, Ark.
Report of Lieut. Col. John Charles Black, Thirty-seventh Illinois infantry.


About the Reenactment Groups

      The 37th Illinois Infantry consists of two separate living history and Civil War reenactment organizations based out of Central and Northwest ARKANSAS (Company A members live primarily around Fayetteville Arkansas while Company B members are from the Little Rock area). Company A and B are affiliated under the larger, Frontier Brigade , which is comprised of Federal Reenactors from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Montana.

      The 37th Illinois was very active in Arkansas during the Civil War, playing key roles in the battles of Prairie Grove and Pea Ridge .


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