The 1998 Austin National Slam Team

The 1998 Austin Poetry Slam Team
Ernie Cline, Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willet,
Genevieve Van Cleve, and Karyna McGlynn.
(Our beloved Coach Jeff Knight is pictured below.)



Austin placed 9th out of 45 teams.

The archived home team for the 1998 National Poetry Slam!





Ernie Cline is the 1998 Austin Slam Champion. He has never been the champion of anything before, and kinda digs it. He is an Ohioan by birth, a Nomad by nature, and an Austinite by choice. He divides his time equally between screenwriting, web design, and battling the forces of evil, all with varying degrees of success. He is the One the Legend spoke of.

Karyna McGlynn is a native Austinite in the truest sense of the word and El Poeta's unfortunate girlfriend. She digs wigs, fags (English cigarettes and gay men), the tango, pedastal sinks, fat artists, footed tubs, chipotle peppers, opera, and dead people. She hates velcro wallets, nose breathers, and kids. Meh!

Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willett is a student in the Ph.D. program in English at the Universtiy of Texas at Austin. She aspires to one day become Barbarella.

Genevieve Van Cleve has parted the water of the Red River and led her people back to the hot, dusty, Texas horizon. Genevieve Van Cleve fights crime as her alter ego Snot Grrrl. (Snot Grrrl, Snot Grrrl the high school gym's on fire. Stand back kids, I feel a sneeze comin' on!) Genevieve Van Cleve sews her own clothes, makes her own jam. She'll give you something to cry about. Genevieve Van Cleve will travel to England very soon, leaving friends and family behind. (Sniff.) Genevieve Van Cleve believes in the slam, is thankful for the community, and is convinced that the slam is the very tool necessary to dismantle mendacity.

Jeff Knight is the coach of the 1998 Austin Slam team. He has worked in a tobacco warehouse, a haberdashery, and myriad restaurants. He has been a substitute teacher, a free-lance writer, and officer candidate in the Marine Corps, a second-string linebacker, a first-string plasma donor, and an all-conference hippy and Deadhead. Jeff has settled into middle age as a full-time Dad (Hi Dylan and Cassidy!), part-time instructor of befuddled freshmen, semi-pro writer, amateur musician, and yes, a slam poet. Come here often?

The 1998 team with Coach Jeff Knight

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