From the Los Angeles Times, September 8, 1975:

Had No Time to React in Gun Incident, Ford Says

First Lady Indicates That Full Impact of Attempt on President's Life Is Now Beginning to Set In

WASHINGTON (UPI)—President Ford said Sunday that the attempt on his life in California happened so fast that he didn't have time to react.

"I saw this girl in a red dress," Mr. Ford told newsmen. "It happened so fast—you just don't have time—time to react."

Mr. Ford talked with reporters while attending an evening housewarming at the new official homw of Vice President and Mrs. Rockefeller.

Betty Ford indicated that the full impact of the attempt on the President's life was beginning to set in.

"Somehow I felt stronger the day before yesterday than I did yesterday," she said.

Mrs. Ford revealed that her husband "finally called" from Air Force One on his way home to Washington from Sacramento, where a Secret Service agent wrestled a .45-caliber automatic from Manson cult member Lynette Alice Fromme—standing within arm's reach of the startled President.

"I could hardly wait" for his call, Mrs. Ford said. "He went right on (with his sceduled activities). I had a lot of questions to ask."

Asked if she would urge the President to restrict his campaigning—which will take him to three states this week—because of the assassination attempt, she replied, "Heavens no. He's been traveling all his life."

"It's one of those incidents, you have to live with it," she said. "You have to live with it."

Mrs. Ford said she expects to accompany the President on his return trip to California starting Sept. 19, but not to go to Dallas with him Saturday.

The President, unwinding from the tensions of the California trip, skipped church Sunday and spent the morning doing paperwork in the White House.

Then he played in a golf tournament, leaving for the White House and the Rockefeller reception just before it began to rain.