From the Philadelphia Daily News, March 29, 1985:

Sandra Good Won't Quit Jail for N.J. Facility

Associated Press

Sandra Good, a member of the Charles Manson family, today refused to leave federal prison because of parole terms that she not associate with the California cult leader or any of his other followers.

Good, described by officials as a model prisoner during her nearly 10 years at the federal women's prison here, rejected the "mandatory release certificate" given her today, said Warden Gwynne Sizer.

The warden said Good objected to placement in a halfway house in Camden, N.J., and to "a condition that she not associate with any members or former members of the Manson family."

Good, who was serving a 15-year sentence for sending death threats through the mail, had been scheduled to fly to Camden later in the day. Prison officials said they had no choice but to schedule her release because of ''good time" accumulated by the prisoner.

Her rejection of the parole terms requires the prison to continue holding her, Sizer said.

"She will have a hearing by the federal parole commission in the next 60 days," the warden said. "At that point they will give her another date for release based upon coming up with another plan."

The 35-year-old Manson follower and former California surfer girl had said earlier that she wished to remain in prison.

In a recent interview, she compared herself to a nun and said she wanted to remain cloistered as long as Manson and other family members remained in prison. Although she was not involved in the Manson family murders of actress Sharon Tate and eight other people in 1969, she defended Manson's actions.

Good was arrested in 1975 and charged with conspiring to send death threats to corporate officials she accused of polluting the earth.

Prison officials said her closest friend at Alderson has been Lynette ''Squeaky" Fromme, another member of the group that formed in southern California in the late 1960s under the leadership of the charismatic Manson.

Fromme is serving a life sentence for attempting to assassinate then- President Gerald Ford in 1975. Manson and four other members of his group are serving life sentences in California for the 1969 murders.

Good's release certificate had stipulated that she remain at the Camden halfway house, operated by Volunteers of America, for 120 days and afterward report regularly to a federal parole officer until 1990.

She originally was to have been returned to Sacramento, Calif., where she had been tried and convicted. But Dave Helman, executive assistant to the warden, said the federal parole commission changed her destination after receiving an unspecified number of complaints from Californians who didn't want a member of the notorious Manson family returning to their state.

Good, who has a child by Manson, has said she would like to see him again but did not say whether she planned to attempt to visit him.