From Time Magazine, October 6, 1975:

Letters to the Editor:
Squeaky Shocks the World

To the Editors:

By placing Fromme on your cover [Sept. 15], you are supporting the second purpose of the Manson family as reported by Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi: "to draw attention to themselves and to shock the world."
    Lois M. Megathlin
    Cape Elizabeth, Me.

Holding a gun that has not been fired and did not have a bullet in its firing chamber cannot be considered synonymous with almost killing someone.
    James C. Daufeldt
    Greensboro, N.C.

You have confused the public's right to know with the psychotic's need to be known.
    Valerie Aspinwell
    Palm Beach, Fla.

Ah, for less freedom of the press.
    Nancy Lottman
    Villa Park, Calif.

While you are accustomed to haste, I remained amazed at the depth and quality of your work on the assassination attempt only four days earlier. You have performed a valuable service.
    Tom Goodale
    Gainsville, Fla.

An American President cannot be totally isolated from the public that elected him. There are a lot of sick people out there, but we have to take some risk if a President is not to stay locked up in the White House.
    Billy Savich

[ERGOT'S COMMENT: Why did Savich feel it necessary to crib two sentences from Ford's address on the afternoon of the fifth and mail them into Time as a Letter to the Editor?]

The cover belonged to Secret Service Agent Buendorf.
    Samuel Dance
    Marcellus, N.Y.

Could it be that the young woman used the gun to capture the media without firing a shot?
    Mary Roberts Rowan
    Athens, Ga.

If a 27-year-old male had held the gun, would your headline have been THE BOY WHO ALMOST KILLED FORD?
    Grace Welch
    Central Islip, N.Y.

Sandra Good, Squeaky Fromme's roomate, is quoted as saying after the assassination attempt: "We're going to start assassinating Presidents, Vice Presidents..." Thereafter, Sandra Good was allowed to remain free. Do we have to wait until disaster strikes again?
    Fred S. Mott

It is eerie that this social misfit, psychological cripple, social aberration and amoral freak comes up with the same conclusions that I do. I also believe President Ford and big business are ruining the country.
    Jerry Haas
    Tacoma, Wash.

The Robert Kennedy assassination, the Tate-LaBiance murders, the mass of buried farm workers, the Asian-American eye surgeon and his family slaughtered aroung their pool, Patty Hearst and her "army", the Zebra killings, and now an attempt to assassinate the President. Perhaps Californians should examine themselves to determine how it could all happen in their state in just seven years.
    C. R. Hammond
    Silver Spring, Md.

Your cover featuring Squeaky Fromme shown in all her fresh-faced, tender-lipped vulnerablity, gazing dreamily into history, strikes me as the epitome of irresponsible journalism. Where she may have failed in her attempt to make violence appealing, your cover certainly has not.
    Roman Polanski
    Beverly Hills, Calif.

The law, the Constitution and civil rights be damned; we must stop the daily slaughter of Americans by removing violent criminals from our society.
    Donald A. Windsor
    Norwich, N.Y.

In a country where violence is institutionalized, perhaps it would make some sense to examine the societal wombs that nurture the Manson cults.
    David J. Ladwig
    Northville, Mich.