From the Philadelphia Daily News, December 28, 1987:

Feds Thought Fromme Wouldn't Escape

Associated Press

Prison officials thought that Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme was among the least likely inmates to escape from Alderson Federal Correctional Institution here.

Now, they admit they were wrong about the potential presidential assassin and Charles Manson disciple.

"My impression of her was she was institutionalized," said Maureen Atwood, an associate warden of the 975-inmate prison. "People get like that when they do a lot of time. Their world shrinks down to this. But it looks like we were wrong about her."

U.S. Marshals will interrogate Fromme at the women's prison this week, Warden Ron Burkhart said yesterday. Prison officials have not given any clues as to why and how Fromme escaped.

Fromme slipped out Wednesday night and eluded about 100 searchers for almost 40 hours. She was picked up Friday afternoon on a side road two miles from the prison.

The petite, 39-year-old inmate is serving a life sentence for her 1975 attempt on the life of President Ford. She was in a high-security cell Sunday, Burkhart said.

Fromme has been described as a "cornerstone" in keeping mass murderer Charles Manson and his followers unified. Manson is serving a life sentence at San Quentin for the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and eight others.