From the Associated Press, November 17, 1978 (AM cycle):

Wire Report

SAN FRANCISCO—A Charles Manson cult member, serving a prison term for trying to assasinate then-President Gerald Ford in 1975, Friday denied that two ex-convicts found shot in Sacramente [sic] had ties to the noterious band.

"That's not true. They are no part of us and have not done anything for or against us," Lynette Fromme said in a telephone call to The Associated Press from inside the Federal Correctional Institution in suburban Pleasanton.

She referred to Edward Barabas, 27, and James Craig, 38, who were found early Wednesday in the trunk of a burning car parked near downtown Sacramente [sic]. Barabas was dead and Craig was hospitalized in critical condition.

The two men had been released last March from Folsomprison [sic].

Barabas's father, Willian Barabas of Sepulveda, said his son had been living with Priscilla Cooper, reported to be a Manson follower, in a Sacremante [sic].

Ms. Fromme, 30, disputed reports that Ms. Cooper was a member of the Manson cult and had carved a cross on her forehead. During his trial for the murders of actress Sharon Tate and others, Manson carved such a cross on his forehead. Ms. Fromme said Ms. Cooper never had a cross on her forehead.

Phil Guthrie, information officer for the state Corrections Departments, said Barabas and Craig were members of the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison gang of white inmates. He said Barabas had once been put in protective custody at Soledad prison because he had been threatened by black and Mexican-American gangs.

Ms. Cooper and Craig served prison terms on charges steaming from two 1972 Stockton area murders. Ms. Fromme was arrested with them at a house in Stockton, but charges against her in that case were subsequently dismissed.

Manson, 44, was denied parole at a hearing Thursday at the state prison in Vacaville.