From the Orlando Sentinel, August 25, 1988:

Inside Information

Compiled by Jim MacDonald from wire reports.

LYNETTE "SQUEAKY" Fromme is less than enchanted with her new prison in Florida's Panhandle. "It looks like a combination of an old Roman coliseum and a garish modern office building," she said Wednesday in a telephone interview from the Marianna Federal Correctional Institution. "There's so much concertina wire it looks like they went into the hardware business." She said the first floor of the facility flooded Tuesday during a rain. Fromme, who tried to kill President Ford in 1975, was part of a major shuffle of federal female prisoners. The government is being forced to shift them and build facilities partly because so many women are being convicted of drug crimes. Fromme, who was transferred from Lexington, Ky., is serving a life sentence.