From the Los Angeles Times, September 7, 1975:

No Manson Edict, Disciple Says

Roomate Says Fromme Acted on Own Volition

By Linda Deutsch

SACRAMENTO (AP)—Charles Manson did not order Lynette Fromme to try to kill President Ford, Miss Fromme's roomate and fellow Manson disciple said Saturday.

"Squeaky acted totally of her own volition," Sandra Good, 31, told reporters.

"Manson didn't order her to do this. Squeaky is acting on the will of many people. I think she would have rather done it to someone killing the air; to some executive of big companies," she said.

"The Presudent happened to be right out here available and lying and lying and lying. You can only take so much lying."

"The people who are polluting the environment, who are killing the air and the water and the wildlife, the trees; if they don't stop, they're going to die," Good said.

Fromme was grabbed by officers Friday as she pointed a loaded 45-caliber pistol at Mr. Ford, who was greeting a crowd near the state Capitol.

In a rambling conversation from her front porch, Good also warned of assassinations of officials of companies she said were polluting the earth.

"There's a wave of assassins moving throughout the world," she said.

Declining to identify who they were, she would say only, "Many people will be assassinated in the near future."

She said they were officials of the Georgia-Pacific Co.; Dow Industries; DuPont; MCA, Inc., and other unnamed lumber and auto companies, but did not indicate how they may be marked for death.

Her comments on assassinations were similar to warnings she and other Manson followers have given for years.

Good called Fromme "a very giving person" and added: "I miss her. I miss her a lot. But if that's what she wanted to do, I'm with her a lot. A whole lot of kids wanted it done. They wanted Nixon done."

Good said she had not known of any plans to shoot Mr. Ford.

The reason for Fromme's action, she indicated, was anger over air pollution and over the imprisonment of their leader, Manson.

"You better let Manson talk," Good angrily told reporters. "Let him up or you're going to die."

"He should be able to have a new trial and the whole family should be together to put on a new defense."

"Smile and smirk," she told one male reporter, "but when the blood starts running out of your face you'll pray for Jesus and you'll realize you killed him."

The "Manson Family" frequently referred to Manson as a Christ-like figure.

Manson, now serving a life sentence in San Quentin, was convicted in 1971 for the 1969 slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

Good said FBI agents came in and "ransacked" her apartment Friday night and carried away carloads of material, including all of Manson's prison letters to the women.

Officers said they questioned Good and another woman who lived at the apartment but released them without making a formal arrest.

Good said it was the first time she had been questioned by authorities since she came to Sacramento 2½ years ago.

She held onto one copy of a statement she and Fromme had sent to various acquaintances two weeks ago.

It was a statement from Manson threatening the future of the city of Los Angeles.

"The people who want to live will leave there and the world will stand back and see the fire and the madness grow until there is nothing left," the statement said.