From the Lexington Herald-Leader, August 25, 1988:

"Squeaky" Fromme, 4 Others Moved With Closing of FCI High-Security Unit

Staff, wire reports

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who tried to kill President Ford, was moved with four other women from the high-security unit of the federal prison in Lexington on Friday when the unit was shut down, a correctional supervisor said.

The Federal Correctional Institution in Lexington is being converted into an all-female medium- and minimum-security prison.

The transfers of Fromme and many other prisoners were announced yesterday as officials revealed a major shuffling of female inmates in the federal prison system. Prisons in Kentucky, West Virginia, California and Florida were most affected by the transfers, which began this month, corrections officials said.

A burgeoning female prison population—partly due to a rise in the number of women convicted of drug crimes -- is forcing the government to shift inmates and open more facilities, prison officials said.

Fromme, a follower of cult leader Charles Manson, and two others were transferred from Lexington to a new high-security unit of the Marianna Federal Correctional Institution in Florida. Another was sent to a California prison.

Fromme is serving a life term for attempting to kill Ford in 1975.

The others transferred from Lexington were bank robber Sylvia Jean Brown, kidnapper Debra Denise Brown and Puerto Rican terrorist Alejandrina Torres.

Federal officials refused to identify the fifth Lexington inmate or where she was sent. Sylvia Brown is serving 40 years for numerous armed robberies and a kidnapping conviction, officials said.

Debra Brown is serving 20 years for kidnapping a Kentucky college professor and also had been sentenced to life for the murder of a 7-year-old girl in Gary, Ind., according to court records.

Both Browns were sent to Marianna.

Torres, a former church secretary, was sent to the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego. She is serving 35 years for plotting two bombings at U.S. military bases.

The all-female medium- and high-security facility inside the Marianna prison, known as the Shawnee Unit, had received 23 other women as of yesterday -- 15 from the Alderson Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia, seven from the Pleasanton Federal Correctional Institution in California and one direct commitment.

It eventually will house about 55 inmates and will remain separate from an all-female low-security camp and a medium-level men's prison that is under construction, authorities said.