From the Washington Post, September 7, 1975:

Fromme First Woman to Try to Kill a President

Post Staff

WASHINGTON—Lynette Alice Fromme is apparently the first woman to try to kill an American President. She is one of a growing number of women involved in crime, violence, and political terrorism, experts on assassination said.

There have been nine victims and many more attempts on the lives of Presidents and presidential candidates since 1835. Until Friday, there was not a woman behind any of the weapons, said Dr. Marvin Wolfgang, a research director for the 1969 commission on violence.

"Now women are incresingly involved in crime and crimes of violence and terrorist groups," he said.

"I know nothing about this young woman and one case does not make a pattern," said Dr. Saleem Shah of the National Institute for Mental Health. "But the traditional cultural norm—where men resort to violence more because men have always been the hunters and fighters—is changing."

The fact that Lynette Fromme is a woman "in all probability" does not make her too different from the usual picture of the American political assassin or would-be assassin, Shah said.

"What one usually finds is an unhappy, ill-adjusted person from an unhappy home, the people who run away from home and can't stand their parents or get along in society," Shah said.

Presidential assassins have always been loners—persons who can make few emotional ties in what they see as a hostile world, both Shah and Wolfgang said. The latter now directs the Center for Studies in Criminology and Criminal Law at the University of Pennsylvania.