From the St. Petersburg Times, February 28, 1989:

Fromme Says She Didn't Really Want to Kill Ford

Associated Press

MARIANNA—Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who has been in a federal prison in the Florida Panhandle since August, said she didn't really want to kill President Gerald Ford 14 years ago.

"But when people around you treat you like a child and pay no attention to the things you say, you have to do something," Fromme told the Tallahassee Democrat during a recent interview.

Fromme had something to say about pollution and toxic waste.

"Mass murder is going on out there all the time," she told the newspaper. "And they don't have Charley Manson to blame.

"We're killing the Earth, and it hurts," said Fromme, a Manson follower. "I want to say 'Stop—stop doing it, or you'll die.'"

Fromme, 40, said she holds no regrets about the past - including the morning of Sept. 5, 1975, when she aimed a borrowed .45-caliber pistol in the direction of Ford's midsection and tried to pull the trigger—although she finds prison life lonely.

"I never considered myself an enemy of anybody," she said.

Since August, Fromme's home has been a two-person cell in the Marianna Federal Correctional Institution's 6-month-old Women's Unit.

"It's very depressing," she said. "I have value. I can't see the reason for being locked up in an ice cube the rest of my life."