From the New York Times, March 17, 1976:

2 Manson Followers Convicted of Plot

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 16 (AP)—Sandra Good, a follower of Charles Manson, the convicted mass murderer, and her friend Susan Murphy were convicted by a jury today of conspiring to send death threats to business and government leaders.

Earlier in the day, Miss Good told the jury that she would have liked to be part of a plot led by Mr. Manson to kill businessmen. "It would give me great satisfaction to remove from the earth executives of Standard Oil Company," she said.

Sandra Good and Susan Murphy

Miss Good said that such a group would murder and torture businessmen who polluted the earth.

After Miss Good's closing statement, Federal District Judge Thomas MacBride gave the jury its final instructions, and the panel began its deliberations.

Before the jury began deliberating, Miss Good, who was her own attorney, set a $100 bill on fire in front of the jury and said: "This is your truth, trust, and faith." Just a corner of the money burned before a deputy marshal grabbed it from her hands.

"I regret that I did not mail the letters. I regret that possibly I did not kill somebody," Miss Good, 31 years old, said in a rambling statement to the jury in U.S. District Court. But she contended that the letters she had intended to mail to thousands of corporation executives were not threats but "warnings."

Her statement to the jury was the only defense Miss Good made to the charges that she conspired to mail 171 threatening letters and made threats during interstate phone interviews with three radio stations and a newspaper.

Each of the five counts carries a possible penalty of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Miss Murphy, 33, was charged with a single count of conspiracy to mail the letters.

She is a former roommate of Miss Good and another Manson cultist, Lynette Fromme, who was convicted of trying to murder President Ford. Mr. Manson is serving life in prison for the 1969 Sharon Tate murders in Los Angeles.