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Das Teufels Alpdrücken FähnleinWelcome to reenactor.Net -- the world-wide, on-line home of reenacting!

On reenactor.Net you will find information about historical reen-acting around the world. The links are broken down into what we call "Time/Areas" or simply "T/A's." Each of the T/A's are run by an Assistant Webmaster who is active in that period and holds a great love for it.

Not only will you find links to individual unit websites, but also those of overall "parent" organizations. Eventually, each T/A will include a reading list and overall links to other sites which pertain to that period of time.

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NEW: Check out the NEW additions to the site page. We try to post the additions along with the date so you can figure out what's new. (okay, so sometimes (often) we don't get around to updating this page as much as we need to... hope to work on that in the future...)


To help you find upcoming events, we also have a calendar section which is constantly being updated needs to be updated [Okay, it hasn't been lately ;-( the Calendarmeister (as happens in reenacting) has had things to attend to in REAL LIFE... but, good news in that a friend is building us a nifty php-powerd, automatic calendar and it should be up soon! Look for it! And... if YOU want to become our Calendarmeister, let us know!]

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If you're interested in using reenactors in a production or you're a reenactor thinking about doing movie/film work, read this!

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Then check out this page we just added, written by Matt Amt of LEGIO XX! This article really details what you need to do

and how to make the new unit work out right!

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A book by a good friend of ours, Dr. Jenny Thompson! All about reenactors... Jenny has been writing this book for many years and has finally finished it.

I just got my copy and am reading it. Fun to try and figure out who is who (Jenny changed the names to protect the foolish) Also, I am amused to see myself quoted a few times ;-)


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