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The Mana World 0.0.11 released
This release marks a long due update to the world map, adding some more space to walk around and two new kinds monsters to fight with. Other than that highlights include smoother walking and support for walking diagonally and with the mouse, the upgrade to Guichan 0.3.0 and several stability fixes. See the changelog for details.

Meanwhile we have started development of our own server. It's still in very early stages but we're hoping to make good progress with that in coming months. Now could be the right time to check if you can help in its development.

Finally a note to those who have existing config files (for Linux users this is ~/.manaworld/config.xml): for the moment our server host has changed from to!

03 Apr 2005 by Bjørn Lindeijer
New Domain
Thanks to the contributions of our fans we finally managed to buy a domain for our project. Feel free to update your bookmarks with:

The Mana World Development team would like to thank everyone who's contributing to this project and who's helping to make it the best MMORPG ever! laughing

29 Mar 2005 by ElvenProgrammer
0.0.10 Released!
Don't let the numbering fool you, it's still a quality release. Sorry for all the chaps that were waiting for 0.1.0, but we're still kinda far from that release.. We're now going to maintain our almost monthly release schedule so you all can make lame jokes about "that time of the month".. wink

For those who will want to see the 0.1.0 someday soon, please help us. Once again our greatest need at the moment is the need for artists. So if you can draw (I'm counting stick figures as drawing so don't be afraid, we won't bite you) please contact us. Join the forums and come and greet us on the IRC channel (#manaworld on freenode).

Well then, I now have to leave you waiting for the 0.0.11 release (or you can always just use the CVS to get our latest results without waiting for us to package a release version for you).

05 Mar 2005 by Rotonen
0.0.9 Released!
Finally we completed the SDL switch and even if there are some fixes still needed,
here it is a new flaming version. Try it, stress test it and wait for a lot of news in game wink

Download it NOW!

About the CVS, now it's on Sourceforge so please refer to SF pages to get access to it.

30 Jan 2005 by ElvenProgrammer
The Mana World 0.0.8a is out
Finally we released the Santa's build.
Not all the aims have been achieved, but we expanded
our development team, so we can improve this project faster.
Stay tuned since there will be lot of changes wink

Here you can find the latest Win32 installer.

Have fun with the Xmas quest, now started on the official server.

27 Dec 2004 by ElvenProgrammer

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