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B. The History of Love

Where does mankind stand today relative to love and sex? Where is mankind going? By objectively analyzing and studying the fascinating and sometimes startling history of love and sex, one can learn where mankind has been romantically and sexually. Such historical knowledge provides a helpful perspective for the objective validation or rejection of current views on love and sex. In addition, a person gains a clearer reflection of one's own views when the position can be compared and contrasted to the undeveloped and erroneous views and positions of past history. Similarly, to fully know and understand what is right and good for the human organism, one must know and understand what is wrong and harmful for the human organism. With a voyage through history, one can witness the transformation of undeveloped, erroneous, irrational and invalid views on love and sex to the currently unfolding valid, rational and healthy views. Examining history reveals the gradual but definite progress toward identifying and developing rational and objective views of mankind's love and sexual relationships. The progress over the past 3200 years is outlined below. This outline indicates that concepts such as love within marriage, the equality of women with men, and the mutual enjoyment of sex were unknown throughout most of recorded history. In fact, the concept of romantic love as the basis of sex and marriage has fully evolved only within the past century.

Although the course of mankind zigzags dramatically over the centuries, progress toward fulfilling male and female physical, psychological and sexual needs has generally held an upward trend throughout history. This progress closely follows the degree of freedom from neocheaters and mysticism. For each major decline in human progress, such as the Dark Ages, occurred during periods when mysticism dominated thought and crippled rationality, which in turn allowed oppression and diminished individual freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

From a knowledge of history, a person can look optimistically into the future and predict that man and woman will continue the climb toward more rational and health views about freedom, love and sex. In the not too distant future, most people will be sufficiently free to discover and apply the Advanced Concepts of Romantic Love as identified by Dr. F. R. Wallace. All people will then continuously increase their individual potential for happiness through productivity and sexuality. This goal is fast approaching as mankind, for the first time in history, has both the knowledge and the opportunity to break forever the dark grip of neocheating oppression and the hoax of mysticism. Men and women can then function in accordance with their own nature and objective reality to pursue psychuous pleasures, romantic love, prosperity, and long-range happiness.

Reviewing the history of love and sex in context with today's new and unfolding knowledge will help diminish the destructive influences of past errors. Two well-researched and well-written books provide enlightening and fascinating reviews of love, sex, and marriage from the Greco-Roman period to the present. One book is The Natural History of Love, written by Morton M. Hunt, an astute journalist who combines objective scholarship and in-depth research with an engaging style. Morton Hunt's book provides knowledge and insight into the evolution and development of the man-woman relationship in the Western world over the past 2500 years. Hunts' book is supplemented by Sex in History, written by G. Rattray Taylor. This book traces man's attitude toward love and sex from Grecian times to the present.


Ancient Greece
(1300 A.C.-450 A.C.)

Golden Age of Greece
(450 B.C.-27 B.C.)

Roman Empire
(27 B.C.-385 A.D.)

Decline of the Roman Empire
(100 A.D.-385 A.D.)

Rise of Christianity and the Dark Ages
(385 A.D.-1000 A.D.)

Pre-Renaissance Rise of Courtly Love

The Church vs. the Renaissance

The Puritans

The Age of Reason


Decline of Victorianism,
The Rise of Capitalism and
The Emancipation of Women

Emergence of Twentieth Century
Romantic Love

Modern Romantic Love

Future Romantic Love


Following a review of mankind's romantic love history, the Neo-Tech Pleasures Discovery evolves as the rational next step in the assent of Romantic Love and human happiness.

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