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I can't Believe it's not Butter!

Since its launch in 1991, "I can't Believe it's not Butter!" spread has made quite a name for itself

Over the past decade, advertising - featuring the likes of the famous Spitting Image 'cow puppets' - has played a pivotal role in establishing the product as one of the best-known butter-like spreads.  

How it all started

"I can’t Believe it’s not Butter!" was launched in the UK in 1991 by Van den Bergh and Jurgen’s Ltd, having been around in the US since 1986. 

In 2003, the original bright yellow tub got a dramatic make-over and was replaced by brand-new packaging while the brand launched a whole new TV campaign – taking a spoof look at the surprised people get when they realise they are tasting "I can't Believe it's not Butter!" spread rather than butter.

For more information about "I can't Believe it's not Butter", contact the careline on 0800 137592