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Take control of your correspondence with Mac OS X Tiger Mail 2, now featuring Spotlight search technology. Find email instantly and accurately, organize messages using Smart Folders and share, save or view emailed images easily.

Stop Looking, Start Finding

Stop Looking, Start Finding

Search across even the largest mailbox with pinpoint accuracy. Mail displays the most relevant emails at the top of the search results and lets you change your search on the fly. Search selected mailboxes or across all mailboxes. Search across the entire message or content or just the from, to or subject fields.

Smart Box

Your Mailbox Just Got Smarter

An email client should organize your mail to match the way you work, not the other way around. Welcome to the world of Smart Mailboxes. These Spotlight-driven mailboxes automatically fill themselves with email based on simple criteria set by you. Need to find every email you sent to your Aunt Helen in the last two weeks? Set up a Smart Mailbox and your entire correspondence appears inside and stays updated as you and Helen continue your email discussion.

Just like Smart Playlists in iTunes, Smart Mailboxes stay up-to-date automatically as you send and receive mail. Use the default Smart Mailboxes provided by Mail (Unread, Flagged, Today, Last 7 Days) or create your own using single or multiple rules. With Smart Mailboxes, your email can be in many places at once, even if you can’t.

Mail slideshow.

Ready for Your Close-Ups

Mac OS X Tiger Mail sends and receives photos just as easily as you take them. With one click, Mail resizes your outgoing photos to small, medium, large or actual size and tells you how big an email will be based on the photo size you select. No more returned messages, lots more happy recipients. Mail even creates Image size windowslideshows of photos in an email, complete with effects. Choose photos from a virtual index sheet, resize photos to fit your display, then enjoy the show. Fully photo-friendly, Mail makes it a snap to share, manage and view your pictures.

Kid Stuff, Really

With Mail Parental Controls, protecting your children from unwelcome email is quick and easy. Create an email safe list for your kids’ Mail accounts and ensure they only exchange email with people they know. Emails from people not on your safe list are automatically routed to your account for approval before they are sent to your kids.

Stay in Sync

iSync icon

Mail, iSync and .Mac work together seamlessly to keep your email messages and settings in perfect sync across multiple Macs. Add a new account at work and your home computer will display it. Change a rule on your desktop and it applies to email on your laptop. Add a contact from Mail to your Address Book and access it on the road via .Mac webmail. Even Smart Mailboxes stay synced between Macs, so you can take the power of Spotlight with you wherever you roam.

Junk Mail preferences

Can More Spam

Widely lauded for its ability to identify and dispatch spam, Mail packs an improved filtering engine, offers better accuracy, includes more filtering options and provides more powerful protection against spammers.


If, for example, your ISP uses SpamAssassin, Brightmail or another spam-analysis tool, Mail leverages that analysis. You’ll find an option for doing so in the Junk Mail preferences panel. To further ensure your privacy, you can also direct Mail not to download images included in junk messages, thus circumventing a common trick used by spammers.


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