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23rd April 2005
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End Day: Comet

Documentaries & Arts
End Day

Sun 24 Apr at 01:20 on BBC Three
Mon 25 Apr at 02:25 on BBC Three
Sat 30 Apr at 01:55 on BBC Three

Imagine waking up to the last day on Earth. What's the worst that could happen in just 24 hours?

Based on the predictions of leading scientists, End Day recreates with stunning realism the most apocalyptic scenarios facing mankind. In a single hour we tell five different stories, from a giant tsunami hitting New York, to a deadly meteorite strike on Berlin, to a killer virus outbreak across the world.

This is the story of one day... with FIVE different endings...

Apparently, it's a day like any other. Except...

Six hours from now four million New Yorkers will be dead, the city devastated. All because a volcano has collapsed in the far off Canary Islands. It is the first of a rapid sequence of disasters:

· A mega-tsunami strikes New York.
· A dead comet annihilates Berlin.
· A supervolcano devastates the US.
· Britain becomes a viral prison camp.
· Scientists destroy the Earth.

A day like any other? As the Earth turns and dawn breaks in successive cities, it brings with it a “Groundhog Day” of cataclysms. Buckle up, this is adrenaline-fuelled television!

End Day: Comet
Groundhog Man
You wouldn't want to be this guy. Each day, as the clock changes from 6:59 to 7:00, Dr Howell wakes up in his London hotel to find his face plastered across the morning news. We don’t know why or what he’s done. We only know that he's late for something ‘very important’ in New York.

Then suddenly he's not headlining any more. His story has been pushed into the background by breaking news: the beginnings of an unfolding disaster…

Dr Howell becomes our eyes and ears as all the news channels scramble to cover the impending catastrophe. We glimpse footage from all over the world, as real scientists are hurried into studios to give their opinions on the events we are witnessing.

Howell's journey to New York is halted by the worldwide disaster. This has to be the worst thing that could possibly happen... except it isn’t. He wakes up again, same time, same day, and it just keeps getting worse.

Who is this man? Why is his journey so important? And what lies at the end of it?

One Day, Five Endings
This is the way the world ends:


Comet Attack

Killer Virus


The End of the Universe

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End Day

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