Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives Review

April 22nd, 2005
2005 has been quite a year for the Ford Racing series from 2K Games with the recent release of Ford Racing 3 and now with Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives, commemorating the 40 year history of the classic American muscle car. The Ford Mustang has sold over 8 million vehicles since its inception in April of 1964, and this yearís 2005 model marks a turning point in the carís design, performance and style that all relate the throwback years of the late 60ís fastback model Mustang. Hoping to capitalize on the enthusiasm of Mustang fanatics everywhere, 2K Games has packed together yet another solid racer into a budget priced release that will only set buyers back a mere $14.99. The game isnít much different from the recent Ford Racing 3, which includes a variety of Ford models, but it does give Mustang fans a lot more Pony Car action which includes some classic special edition models as well as the highly impressive 2005 GT-R Concept model.

Fueled up and ready to roll

The Ford Mustang is an icon in the classic American muscle genre of automobiles and Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives will allow players to get behind the wheel of 34 authentic ĎStangs including the 1965 Coupe, 1968 Fastback, 1970 Boss 302, 2003 SVT 10th Anniversary Cobra, 2005 GT Coupe Concept, and the amazing 2005 GT-R Concept that should leave gearheads drooling at their screens. The racing will take place on 22 tracks that cover 7 U.S. cities such as San Francisco, Miami, New York and Chicago. Each track and location has its own unique look at feel giving players a nice mix of environments to push their Mustangís to the limits.

San Francisco Race Replay

The game begins as players will need to create their own profile and select from a few different single player or multiplayer games to race. Letís take a closer look at each of the gameís racing modes.

Single-Player Modes:

Career Mode: Racers are entered into a series of races and points are scored according to finishing position as well as style while racing. To progress to new locations and tracks, as well as unlocking new cars, players will need to rack up enough points required to move ahead.

Arcade Mode: This mode lets players hop directly in the driverís seat of a larger number of available cars and tracks, while some additional cars and tracks can be unlocked by saving up enough Credits and style points during each race. Arcade mode includes Quick Races, Time Attacks and Eliminator races.

2005 Mustang GT

Challenge Mode: In this mode, players are given a series of challenges including Time Trials or Slalom Races that test a driverís skill and automobile performance.
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Offline Players: 1-2
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7.0 out of 10
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Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives Screenshot Gallery
Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives Screenshot Gallery
Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives Screenshot Gallery
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