Bush Appoints Homosexual to Federal Arts Commission Post
Appointee Among 'Austin 12' Who Met with Bush During Campaign

By Fred Jackson
August 31, 2001

(AgapePress) - There is a report that the Bush Administration has appointed an open homosexual to the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts.

Several months ago, President Bush outraged his conservative supporters when he appointed homosexual Scott Evertz to be director of the White House National AIDS Policy Office. At the time, many said it appeared Bush was behaving no differently than former President Clinton when it came to making appointments aimed at courting the homosexual vote.

Now comes word by way of the homosexual publication The Washington Blade that Bush has named Donald A. Capoccia to the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts. The Blade describes Capoccia as a New York real estate developer who is also a "gay Republican activist." He was one of a group of homosexual Republicans who met with Bush last year in the midst of the election campaign. After the election, Bush appointed Capoccia to his transition team to oversee the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to the Blade story, part of Capoccia's new job with the Fine Arts Commission will be to approve the design and location of memorials and monuments in the nation's capital. He currently holds a leadership position in the Republican Unity Coalition, a group described as a "gay-straight alliance" aimed at promoting acceptance of homosexuals within the GOP.

Pro-Family Reaction
At least one pro-family organization is dismayed by the appointment. Allen Wildmon, public relations director for the American Family Association in Tupelo, Mississippi, says the selection is motivated by politics.

"This smacks of a continuing effort on the part of a conservative White House to troll the political waters for homosexual voters, in an effort to shore up Bush's prospects for re-election in 2004," Wildmon says. "This is a short-sighted political strategy, however, because it will only alienate conservatives who want to protect the institution of the family."

Wildmon believes the apparent influence of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of homosexual GOP supporters, on the Bush Administration could cause problems for the President. "Buddying up to a group which seeks to normalize same-sex behavior in our culture will come back to haunt President Bush if he's not careful," he says.

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