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Gifted Education


Within the Calgary Board of Education, gifted learners are identified by the coordinated efforts of the school personnel, the child's parents, and a psychologist. The information gathered in this process determines when a student meets the Alberta Education Special Education criteria to be considered a “Gifted” learner.


Information for Parents (Application Dates for 2005-2006 have expired. Please watch for 2006-2007 dates by October, 2005.)

Once a student has been identified as a gifted learner, the school will develop and implement an Individual Program Plan (IPP) designed to address the student's unique learning characteristics. (The IPP is a requirement of Alberta Education for all Special Education designations, including Gifted.)

Gifted students can choose from a wide array of school programs within the CBE.

  • Many gifted learners attend their community school where their unique learning needs are addressed through their IPP.

  • Several of the CBE Program Choices often address the unique interests and skills of gifted learners. Examples of Program Choices may include Immersion and International Language Programs, Learning Through the Arts Programs, Montessori, Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy, Sports Alternative Programs, Science School, and others.

  • Many gifted learners also qualify for a Special Education placement within the Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE ). Gifted students within the congregated GATE Program are offered an array of curriculum opportunities also designed to meet their diverse needs, interests, and abilities, including:

    • interaction with gifted peers;
    • the opportunity to participate in a challenging curriculum
    • curriculum compacting or acceleration, when appropriate;
    • smaller class size
    • access to experts or mentors, when possible.

The GATE Program is offered from Grades 4 to 12 at the following CBE schools.



Annie Foote Elementary
6320 Temple Drive NE

Nellie McClung Elementary
2315 Palliser Drive SW

Hillhurst Community School
1418 - 7 Avenue NW

Earl Grey Elementary
845 Hillcrest Avenue SW

Ranchlands Elementary
610 Ranchlands Blvd. NW

John Ware Junior High
10020 - 19 Street SW

Dr. Gordon Higgins Junior High
155 Rundlehill Drive NE

Henry Wise Wood
910 - 75 Avenue SW

Queen Elizabeth Jr./Sr. High
512 - 18 Street NW


For additional information, please contact your child's principal or Student Services Support

A link below to Alberta Education's Special Needs web site is provided for your convenience.
Standards for Special Education (June 2004 ), Alberta Education

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