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cogu vs pub1858
cogu vs pub1858
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skolpojkarna2 vs nip1206
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nip vs skolpojkarna2868
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quick vs online172
cal invite source...
nip vs fastline240
nip vs fastline240
2g0d picks up can...
United States 466 Rating r3aper
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User Details
Real Name:Tom
Country:United States
Birthday:January 1, 1980
User Statistics
Account ID:115952
Account Rating:466
Account Type:Basic Account
Friends:0 People
Befriended by:3 People
Comments Posted:6 Comments
Community Posts:0 Posts
Demos Uploaded:0 Demos
Forum Posts:3 Posts
Messages Received:8 Messages
Messages Sent:4 Messages
Threads Started:3 Threads
Times Nuked:0 Times
Predictions:0/0 Correct
Last 5 Comments Posted
Features: not to drop names or anything, but i ...
Features: although i don't care too much over t...
Features: #7 in nuke especially timeing is very...
News: ok since people respond thinking they...
News: ok maybe my comparisons of team sport...
News: although i haven't seen painkiller th...
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