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Last uploaded: Sunday, March 8, 1998

Thanks for all your letters and comments over the past few days about the controversy regarding the new Cinescape Online site and CA -- I appreciate the effort and time you spent communicating your thoughts and views.

On Friday, I was contacted by Steve Harris, the Publisher of Cinescape (the magazine version) about the matter and heard his side's point of view. Among the items Mr. Harris stated was that the look and format of the Cinescape site's movie preview section was created by their team to mirror their magazine's layout. He also said that Cinescape does not need to obtain its content from Coming Attractions and believed any similarities that might exist between the two domains are from CA adopting Cinescape's magazine format. Finally, he invited CA readers to check out the Cinescape website through their main doormat section at so viewers can see the entirety of their site and not just a link to their movie preview section. As you can see, that link now indeed exists.

I hope this clears up any and all confusion CA readers may have had since last Monday regarding this website's ownership. I'm going to move on to other matters after one final say on the facts existing between CA and Cinescape, just so we're all clear. The Coming Attractions website is not affiliated with the Cinescape Online website. We're two completely different entities but we both cover the same sort of movie gossip and information. As for CA, we will continue to maintain pages for upcoming film projects in development. Our format and look will not be changing.

Oh, yeah...there's also movie news to report

Serendipity is defined as the fortune of happenstance -- or in other not-so-bulky words, being lucky enough to get something when you need it. This scoop sent in last Friday afternoon happens to cover a really cool project I wanted to talk about in today's DC...

First, da scoop, submitted anonymously:

"Blade Runner 2.

"Just thought you'd like to know this project *does* exist.

"Because I have in my hands a copy of the screenplay titled BLADE RUNNER DOWN, by Stuart Hazeldine, based on the book by by K.W. Jeter.

"Hazeldine is a writer who I believe wrote the MUTANT CHRONICLES movie in development now.

"This script is dated 11/1/97 and appears to follow the plot from Jeter's book (REPLICANT NIGHT) -- it opens in a cabin in the woods with Deckard and Rachel. This movie would require either Harrison to come back, or the audience to swallow a new actor playing him, because it's all Deckard."

End of scoop. The cool part is (all thanks to a mystery friend) -- I just got to read this puppy.

Yeah, I sense the tension in the room. A whole bunch of Blade Runner fans just shifted uncomfortably in their chairs, riled at the thought of a sequel to BR. 'A sequel?? Who the hell in the right mind is gonna make a sequel to what many people consider the best serious SF film of the 80s? They gotta have rocks for--'

It's good. It's really, really good. I haven't read Jeter's book but I have friends who had. I asked them about some of the stuff in this script and they scratched their heads. 'Sure, some of it's the same, but not that part. Or that, or that.'

This moves. It's got legs to stand on and it'd be a kick-ass movie. But to pull it off the scooper's right -- you need Ford back as Deckard, but it works: he'd pull a 55 year old Deckard off. The movie opens ten years after the last scene in Blade Runner (no, not Ridley Scott's Director's Cut but the theatrical '82 version). Rachel's dying -- there's a hidden lifespan embedded in her genes. Deckard puts her into cryo and goes back to the only place she might be saved: the Tyrell Corporation and L.A. But the cops aren't forgetting about how Deckard blew out of town; before he knows it he's got the entire Blade Runner division hunting him like a replicant. The sixth replicant from BR isn't forgotten about, and neither is Tyrell's niece (the parts I was told are also in Jeter's book).

It wouldn't be the same as the original BR, but that's part of the script's charm: it's a different beast but still set within the same universe, like Alien is to Aliens. It's got some great chase sequences (the one at police HQ particularly) and some well-thoughtout characters. I'd pay $8 to see this.

I've no idea if Warner Bros. is seriously considering this as a follow-up, but if they would hire someone like Alex Proyas (the director of The Crow and the excellent Dark City), this'd have a great chance to kick celluloid ass. Let's hope WB and Ford both see the potential here.

More updates tomorrow

Really. Just watch and see. No, really.

Patrick Sauriol
Creator, Chief Content Writer & Director
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