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Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson Born in the city of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island in Canada, Pamela Anderson made her way to L.A. in 1990. Since then she has become one of the millennium's most recognizable icons, gracing the cover of Playboy in the United States a record breaking 11 times and appearing on more magazine covers worldwide than any star of her generation. She is now entering a new phase both professionally and personally, which will ensure that her already shining star rises to new heights.

Anderson recently launched "The Pamela Anderson," a cruelty-free, comprehensive clothing line accessible for every woman, that includes jeans, T-shirts, lingerie, swimsuits, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, non-leather shoes and non-leather handbags and pet accessories (a percentage of profits from the line go to PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a cause that is close to her heart). Anderson is personally involved in every aspect of the collection as a co-designer with creative and artistic control, and the collection can be found in retail stores across the country.

In 2004 Anderson added the title of author to her resume with the release of "Star," a delicious roman-a-clef that is an energetic blend of fact and fiction. "Star" made the New York Times Best Seller List; her second novel "Starstuck," comes out in the summer of 2005.

Pamela Anderson Anderson also recently wrote a syndicated column in the U.S. women's magazine Jane and Marie Claire in the UK, as well as an advice column in Canadian Elle, where she focused each month on women's issues drawn from her extensive and well-publicized personal history. She spent two seasons on the sitcom "Home Improvement" and five seasons starring on the show "Baywatch," which reached a worldwide audience via syndication. She created, produced and starred for four seasons in her own series, "VIP," which was also syndicated worldwide, and developed and starred in her own animated cable series, "Stripperella."

Anderson also recently received the first Linda McCartney Humanitarian award for her work with PETA. Paul McCartney presented the award to her.

Having fought through the international courts to own her own name, Anderson launched her own website, www.pamelaanderson.com, where she has started to sell merchandise as well as keep a diary for her fans. Pam recently created her own slot machines with David LaChappelle. Her future projects include a club, a restaurant and a feature comedy coming to theaters, winter 2005-2006.

Anderson lives in LA with her two children, Brandon and Dylan.


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