Media Watch

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Manson Girl Tries to Shoot President:
     The LA Times, September 5, 1975

'Squeaky' Picked a Spot—and Then Just Waited:
    The LA Times, September 6, 1975

Fromme Vilified Ford, Friends Say:
    The LA Times, September 6, 1975

"Squeaky" Has History of Trouble with Law:
    The LA Times, September 6, 1975

Manson "Family"—It's Scattered and in Prison:
    The LA Times, September 6, 1975

Panel Receives Manson Letter:
    The LA Times, September 6, 1975

'Your Life on the Line'—Reporter Recounts Fromme's Threat:
    The Chicago Tribune, September 6, 1975

No Manson Edict, Disciple Says:
    The LA Times, September 7, 1975

Fromme First Woman to Try to Kill a President:
    The Washington Post, September 7, 1975

Had No Time to React in Gun Incident, Ford Says:
    The LA Times, September 8, 1975

FBI Gets No Specific Answers From Manson:
    The LA Times, September 8, 1975

'Treat You Like a Child':
    The New York Times, September 8, 1975

Fromme's "Sugar Daddy":
    The LA Times, September 9, 1975

Fromme Called, Talked of Violence, L.A. Judge Says:
    The LA Times, September 10, 1975

Grand Jury Indicts Fromme:
    The LA Times, September 11, 1975

The Girl Who Almost Killed Ford:
    Time, September 15, 1975

Ford's Brush With Death:
    Newsweek, September 15, 1975

Squeaky Gets Offer to Publish Her Book:
    The Chicago Tribune, September 20, 1975

Leaves From a Family Album:
    Newsweek, September 22, 1975

The Significance of Squeaky Fromme:
    The Wall Street Journal, September 24, 1975

Letters to the Editor:
    Time, October 6, 1975

Manson Film Barred Due to Miss Fromme's Trial:
    The New York Times, October 17, 1975

My Trip With Squeaky: Just One of Charlie's Girls:
    by Paul Krassner; from Rolling Stone, October 23, 1975

Squeaky's 'I Hate Ford' Remark Told at Her Trial:
    The Chicago Tribune, November 12, 1975

'Without Manson, I'm Dead,' Squeaky Cries:
    The Chicago Tribune, November 12, 1975

Fromme Judge Told Weird Plot:
    The Chicago Tribune, November 13, 1975

TRIALS: Squeaky and Jerry:
    Newsweek, November 24, 1975

TRIALS: Judgment on Squeaky:
    Newsweek, December 8, 1975

Fromme Friends Seek to be Freed:
    The New York Times, December 24, 1975


Good Declares Prison Wish:
    The Dallas Morning News, March 3, 1976

Lynette Fromme Carried Screaming From Court:
    The Wall Street Journal, March 15, 1976

2 Manson Followers Convicted of Plot:
    The New York Times, March 17, 1976

Member of Manson Family Escapes From Coast Prison:
    The New York Times, August 16, 1976

Squeaky and Sara Jane:
    Newsweek, November 8, 1976

Wire Report:
    The Associated Press, November 17, 1978

One Man's Family:
    Newsweek, January 23, 1978

Wire Report:
    The Associated Press, March 13, 1979

Fromme Faces New Charges:
    The Washington Post, March 14, 1979


Manson Family Member to be Freed Over Her Protests:
    LA Times, March 1, 1985

Manson Family Women Find New Kin in Prison:
    The Record (New Jersey), March 18, 1985

Sandra Good Won't Quit Jail for N.J. Facility:
    The Philadelphia Daily News, March 29, 1985

Manson Follower Rejects Parole Terms:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, March 30, 1985

"Squeaky" Still Says She Didn't Intend to Kill Ford:
    The Sacramento Bee, September 5, 1985

"Squeaky" Ignores Parole Hearing:
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 5, 1985

Two Who Stalked Ford: 10 Years After:
    Newsweek, September 9, 1985

Manson Follower Good Paroled:
    The Sacramento Bee, December 3, 1985

Manson Follower Moves in, and City Gets the Jitters:
    The Detroit Free Press, December 12, 1985

Vt. Town Fears Move there by Manson Cultist:
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 23, 1986

Judges, DAs Fear Revenge From Convicts:
    Daily News of Los Angeles, November 23, 1986


Ford Recalling Assassination Try is Hot Video:
    The Sacramento Bee, April 8, 1987

Presidential Assailant Fromme Apparently Escapes From Prison:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 24, 1987

Transcript:  Lynette Fromme Escapes from Prison:
    ABC World News Tonight, December 24, 1987

Did She Act on Impulse or Purpose?:
    The Sacramento Bee, December 25, 1987

Nationwide Alert is Issued:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 25, 1987

Policia Busca a Mujer Que Atento Contra Gerald Ford:
    El Nuevo Herald (Miami), December 25, 1987

Vuelta a Capturar Atacante de Ford:
    El Nuevo Herald (Miami), December 26, 1987

Fromme Captured Outside Prison:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 26, 1987

    The Russian Information Agency ITAR-TASS, December 26, 1987

Prison Officials Try to Find Out Reason for Fromme's Escape:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 27, 1987

Manson Rumor Is Checked In Fromme's Prison Escape:
    The New York Times, December 27, 1987

For Fromme, 20 Years Revering Manson:
    The Record (New Jersey), December 27, 1987

Feds Thought Fromme Wouldn't Escape:
    The Philadelphia Daily News, December 28, 1987

Fromme to Face Grand Jury Probe:
    The Boston Globe, December 29, 1987


Squeaky's Christmas Hike:
    Time, January 4, 1988

"Squeaky" Found Guilty of December Jail Break:
    The Philadelphia Daily News, March 15, 1988

"Squeaky" Fromme Transferred to Lexington:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, June 5, 1988

"Squeaky" Fromme, 4 Others Moved With Closing of FCI High-Security Unit:
    The Lexington Herald-Leader, August 25, 1988

Inside Information:
    The Orlando Sentinel, August 25, 1988

Fromme Says We're All Mass Murderers:
    The Orlando Sentinel, February 27, 1989

Fromme Says She Didn't Really Want to Kill Ford:
    The St. Petersburg Times, February 28, 1989

Mansonite Goes Public to Aid Lake:
    The Philadelphia Daily News, November 24, 1989

A Ghost of Manson Reappears In the East:
    The New York Times, December 5, 1989

Hendrickson Alleges Geraldo Rivera Violated Injunction:
    The Entertainment Litigation Reporter, July 22, 1991

Transcript:  Red and Blue interview, circa 1993.

Twenty-Five Years Later, She's Still Loyal to Him:
    The Fresno Bee, August 7, 1994

Transcript:   Unused material from Dianne Sawyer's 1994 Turning Point interview with Lyn.

Manson's Loyal Disciple:
    The Tampa Tribune, December 5, 1997

Federal Judge Thomas J. MacBride Dies:
    The Sacramento Bee, January 7, 2000