5 pages enclosed expressing current feelings & statements ranging from 1970— recently. The final 2 pages I wrote as frontispiece to a story a magazine wanted to use. We decided later against allowing them to make money off of us. The book was a large paperback w/ contributions from numerous writers. Manson said that he might have given me some encouragement on that project, but I think that what the publishers did put in the book was far better than the story I had written. (They reprinted in the book part of a magazine article about him that was good).

     I'm wondering about sending all material I have, if I do decide to contribute, to Boyd since he's to be the editor of the proposed book. I've sent him copies of these 5 pages. He can make copies, tho his $ is scarce.

     I sent you a letter of mine and one of CM recently. You should have it by now. Please copy his letter for me. I liked it & I wanted to re-read it, however I'd kept it for long enough & thought I best mail it.

     Thanks for the ph. # & letter etc duplicates to send on. I dreamt of taking out "The Crawl" about the 70 mile Sunset Blvd. experience 5 of us had crawling to the Hall of Justice where Manson was held in L.A. It ends with us being snubbed by the press after 7 full days on our hands & knees (& numerous experiences behind us that I only can allude to in a frightened story). (I'm not a writer but I can play thoughts—yet it's not enough to meet my own standards). Still I'll see what it looks like. Oh! I started to say —it ends with us sitting on the sidewalk, wrapping out bruised, scabbing bloody knees & cleaning our grubby hands w/ alcohol just as the sun is getting hot & the prosecutor in his 3pc. tweed suit meets us on his way to work. Always dapper & snappy he greets us as if meeting us for a luncheon.

     "Hi girls," he says (and w/o flinching) "what're you doing?" Brenda looked up & told him we were trying to wake a few people up.

     "You'll never do it that way" he said, shaking his head. "You'll have to put a bomb at their feet." And with that he was off, said he'd be late—to the prosecution of our friends for mass murder, & though his may sound like the wisest words, being as we thought 9 dead bodies would be enough, I recall vividly the bitter irony through the smoggy sunlight & our weariness and I'm surprised we've lasted this long in the pursuit of peaceful change except for our unwillingness to run amok. It wasn't suicide we wanted but the burial of dead systems of thought.


As for "Manson's right wing revolutionary cause", I believe that if Manson had wings he'd have at least two of them and a substantial body of his soul self in the center.