Parable by Lynette Fromme

     Once there was a King who loved his kingdom, and he knew one day he must judge it. A wise man that he was, he knew that each Man in his kingdom should judge himself.

     So, he sent his son among the people and told him:

     "Give all and be a servant to the least of men."

     The son labored under the unjust, so as to see what justice is in the eyes of the truth. He took what was given to him, and refused nothing he was asked...walking in all walks of life, letting his Father's people do what they wanted to him.

     The King knew all and will use the son for his judgement [sic]. He knew when his son became the King, only true servants of the Lord and Master could face him.

     And the ones who were unjust would judge themselves in the face of the son.