Mt Yasur Volcano - Tanna

Tanna Island in the south of the Vanuatu archipelago is an island of unique culture, adventure and mystery. While being one of the most productive islands in Vanuatu producing kava, coffee and its famous horses, it is best known for its natural phenomena and customary rites. Most of its 20,000 inhabitants practise ancient customs following the lifestyles of their ancestors and the John Frumm Cargo Cult is a well-known movement on the island.

Mount Yasur however, is probably Tanna’s most famous feature and is one of the planet’s most accessible, active and dangerous volcanoes. It is here that the World’s first and only Volcano Post can be found. Set near the crater, Vanuatu Post has established a unique posting box, which enables visitors to send letters and special singed volcano postcards from the rim of a live volcano. The posting box is cleared daily.


Yasur stands 360 metres above sea level and is surrounded by an ash plain, lake and terrain that resemble a lunar landscape.  Constantly rumbling and causing the ground to shake, Yasur is very active with explosions throwing lava from its three vents hundreds of feet in the air. Its cauldron of molten lava is an awesome sight and at night this “sound and light” spectacular display attracts many tourists.

Volcano Post follows the Underwater Post Office in the second of Vanuatu Post’s ‘Xtreme’ series of unique postal facilities. Handling official mail, which is collected, postmarked and sent throughout the world, these incredible postal locations enable visitors to mail home memories of some of Vanuatu’s breathtaking scenery.






35 vatu stamp

80 vatu stamp


100 vatu stamp


250 vatu stamp


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