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Jim Carver
played by Mark Wingett
Call Sign
Years in Service
First Appearance
August 1983
Last Appearance

PC Jim Carver is an intuitive operator, but his hunches are often sound because he has an interest in, and awareness of, people. However, he will always be a man who takes things to heart and is often upset by the occasionally, moral grey areas in which he finds himself working. Injustice angers him and occasionally he finds his colleagues' callousness shocking.

Physically he is unafraid of confrontation and picks up more than his share of knocks and bruises in the line of duty. Jim's lovelife has never been much to speak of but after working for almost two decades found the ideal partner in June Ackland, his sergeant.

But the course of true love never runs smoothly and when Jim, an alcoholic, found himself staring down the barrel of a loaded pint glass he realised it was time to do some soul searching. With June away on holiday, Jim woke up in the loving arms of a woman he was helping out in his role as Family Liaison Officer. One wedding later - Jim had a new wife - and a very unhappy colleague in June Ackland.After heartache following his split with June, Jim had high hopes for his marriage to Marie and struggled to come to terms with the fact that she was an alcoholic with a violent temper. They are now divorced.

As a schoolboy, Mark always wanted to be an actor and his first break came when he joined the National Youth Theatre where he was spotted by the casting director for the film of 'The Who's' rock opera "Quadrophenia". Playing a mod, Mark was unfortunately, too young to see the film as it had an X Certificate! After this, Mark played a number of television roles before becoming one of the original cast of "The Bill".

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