Your letter—short as it is—touched on a lot of subjects & inspires a lot of comeback.
     I'm sending an article about the punk rock movement—if it can be called a movement. Check how the Jews got in to turn it.
     Manson is versatile & can deal with & move a lot of different thoughts to a balance for natural order.
     Also a photo of Blue & a visitor (Rick) You know him?
     —And a couple of articles
     We'd like to read The Lightening & The Sun—Can receive books anytime w/o prior approval—should be sent from any type of book store or established seller or religious place.
     Blue asks if you wrote "Good Riddance, John Lennon" for the Liberty Bell & if George Dietz is the friend you mentioned who prints his own material, books.
     Also if you know any of the fellas in the Odinist bike club.

                         Will write more—


Oh yes—send pictures of yourself if you will & we would appreciate seeing photos of your paintings—We always have been interested in art